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Here you will find everything you need to know about cricket spread betting.

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Spread Betting is a volatile, but potentially very rewarding way of betting on cricket.

The most established, reliable, and well known of the spread betting companies is Sporting Index.

Best Cricket Spread Betting Sites

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Sporting Index is by far the most well established Spread Betting firm around.

And they specialise in cricket, which is great for any serious cricket spread betting punter.

Cricket Spread Betting Examples

Australia’s Steve Smith is playing in a 5 match Ashes series, and his spread is to Sell at 400 – Buy at 420.

This means the Spread Betting company thinks that Steve Smith will score somewhere in the region of between 400 and 420 runs over the whole of the 5 match Test series.

You might look at this and think Smith will struggle and not score anywhere near 400 runs. In this case you would Sell Steve Smith at 400.

Alternatively, your friend might think he is in red hot form and will score over 500 runs. In this instance your friend would Buy Steven Smith’s total runs at 420.

You can only Sell or Buy his total runs at the prices quoted on the Spread Betting company’s website (400 or 420 in this example).

Below is examples of what would happen should you Sell or Buy Steve Smith’s total series runs.

How To Sell

You decide to Sell Steven Smith’s runs at 400 for £2.00 a run. This means if Steven Smith scores 300 runs in the series, you would will £200.00.

As you sold Smith’s runs at 400, and he only scored 300, you have won your spread bet by 100 runs. Winning at £2.00 a run, you would be £200.00 up.

If Steven Smith had actually scored 500 runs, you would have lost £200.00.

As you sold his runs at 400, and he actually scored 500 runs, you lost your spread bet by 100 runs.

With losing £2.00 a run, that would be a loss of £200.00.

How To Buy

You decide to Buy Steven Smith’s total series runs at 420 at £1.00 a run.

This means if Steven Smith scores 500 runs in the series, you would win your spread bet by 80 runs. This would win you £80.00, as you bought the spread bet at £1.00 a run.

If Steven Smith only scores 300 runs, you would lose £120.00. As you Bought Smith’s total runs at 420, you would have lost the spread by 120 runs.

Resulting in a £1.00 a run loss.

As you can see, if you get the spread right, then the rewards can be exceptional.

If you lose though, you could be liable for a lot of money.

In the examples given above, the How To Sell spread shows a loss of 100 runs.

If you had bet £5.00 a run, that would be a £500.00 loss. This is why it is imperative you fully understand what you are doing before you place any spread bets.

If you feel you are ready to start spread betting on cricket, you can open a Sporting Index account here, and claim the new customers welcome bonus.