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Pull your finger’s out England

I can tolerate losing and I can tolerate getting beaten by a better team. I didn’t expect England to win this series in India, so to see us 2-0 down at the moment comes as no surprise to me.

But what I do find hard to take, is the manner of the defeats. These two losses have been absolute thrashings, the way England have capitulated in both of these ODI’s isn’t great.

So far we haven’t even done the basics right. The fielding is usually something England can rely on and so far it has been all over the place, some absolute shockers have been dropped. The bowling hasn’t been that bad, but it could be better. And the batting has flattered to deceive, how many batsman got a start on Monday before throwing their wickets away?

I am also well aware of the vastly different conditions England are now playing in and I fully expected that to have an effect our performances. But that is no excuse for brain dead shot selections and poor running between the wickets, it’s also no excuse for bad fielding.

England have been very sloppy so far to say the least, if we are to be the undisputed number 1 team in the world we have to improve on this and perform better when conditions don’t necessarily suit us.

The sign of a great team is one that can role their sleeves up and fight back when their backs are against the wall and prove people wrong. England have 3 games to do this.

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?


  1. What I don’t understand is, what did they exactly prepare in the 11 days of acclimatization they had prior to the 1st ODI?

  2. I don’t know mate, they haven’t even done the basics right.

    India have absolutely smashed England in the first two games, beat us in every department – even the fielding. At least England were a bit more competitive today.

    Dhoni has been immense again.

    Over the two tours it goes to show just how much home conditions play a part.

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