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Paulo Sousa sacking is a Disgrace

“Knee-jerk dismissals, and the chopping and changing of managers will not deliver success on the field and is incredibly destabilizing to the entire club”.

That was the view of Richard Bevan, chief executive of the League Managers Association, on the sacking of Paulo Sousa by Leicester City after just 9 league games.

Ok, so Leicester have only won 1 of their 9 games. We also don’t know what goes on behind the scenes, maybe Sousa didn’t have the backing of his players.

But on the face of it, this looks like a massive over reaction from Milan Mandaric. Leicester are currently only 3 points from safety, there seems no justification for this dismissal, they are not massively cut adrift from the rest of the field.

Mandaric has a history of this, Sousa was his 6th manager at the club. In fairness to Mandaric his last manager, Nigel Pearson, left of his own accord, although it has been said that Mandaric didn’t make much effort to keep him.

The big problem Leicester will surely have now is attracting an ambitious manager. Why would you want to come and work for a man that gives you only 9 games? The only people Leicester are now likely to attract is a failed manager looking for a lifeline back into the game.

Press speculation has already linked Martin O’Neill and the notorious Sven with job.

Why on earth would O’Neill want to to drop down to the bottom of the Championship? I know he has strong links with Leicester after shaping his managerial reputation there, but surely any considerations he may have for going back will be neutralized by having to work for Milan Mandaric.

As for Sven, he is anybodies if the price is right.

I can’t see this as a positive move and if I were a Leicester fan I wouldn’t be happy about it. Sousa was regarded as one of the up and coming managers, he deserved longer to try and impose his way on the team. Leicester were spoilt last season under Nigel Pearson. They greatly over achieved and it would be unfair to compare Sousa’s current record against what Pearson did.

Mandaric would probably argue that he did take Portsmouth to the Premier League operating a similar policy, but we all know how that ended. If he continues to chop and change like this, I can only see Leicester back in Divison 1 again, a position they have already occupied under Mandaric recently.

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