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More Criticism of ICC

Malcolm Speed and Michael Vaughan have now added their voices to the growing list criticisng FIFA, sorry I mean ICC, for their decision to gerrymander the qualifying rules for the 2015 world cup.

Sorry to bang on about this, but I do have a bit of a bee in my bonnet about this one.

There seems to be two schools of thought in the criticism of ICC. One is the ‘it is out of order on Ireland’ line, the other is that it is just ‘a bad decision for cricket in general,’ as it isn’t going to help promote the growth of cricket on a world level.

Vaughan seems to be in the Ireland camp, Speed the cricket in general camp.

Malcolm Speed said it was an “insular and backward looking” decision and that it is in keeping with the way things where going towards the end of his tenure.

Cynics – and I may be one of them – may say that it is convenient for Speed to get himself back in the public eye as he is currently releasing his memoirs.

Where both Vaughan and Speed agree (and me, for what it’s worth) is that the ten world cup spaces should be made up of the top 8 ranked countries, with two qualifiers from the remaining test sides and associate nations.

I’m also pleased to see Cricket Ireland’s justified tantrum throwing continue with another attack on ICC, with Cricket Ireland claiming that ICC are “unfit for purpose or governance”.

I’m not sure it will do them any good in the long run, but it is funny seeing someone pan ICC in this manner, keep up the good work lads.

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?


  1. Anonymous


    I too am glad to see someone like Vaughan speak up. And the qualifying idea is the only just way. In fact, Lorgat should have been / should be grilled on why it can be implemented for the 2019 WC but not the 2015 WC!

    Let’s hope Ireland keep up the fight both off the field and on it.


  2. Thats true BP, if it is to be the 10 – and it appears that it is going to be – you can’t just have a closed shop for you and your mates.

    As you said yourself, how can you have qualifying for 2019, but not 2015. It’s a total carve up.

    I hope more and more big names come out and criticise it, so far I haven’t heard one person who agrees with the decision.

    My fear is that it will just die away with little interest, especially if big names don’t continue to comment on it.

    It’s up to the associate nations to keep it in the news and keep up the pressure on ICC.

    I noticed Phil Simmons has had a go about it, it would be great if he was still friendly with a few of his old teammates and likes of IVA Richards started to give their views and criticise ICC.

    It would be interesting to see what they might say if Viv put the boot in!!

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