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Injuries at the ICC Champions Trophy

The news that Yuvraj Singh is out of the Champions Trophy will come as a major disappointment to cricket fans all round the world and in particular, Indian fans. Singh fractured a finger during fielding practise and is out for six weeks. Such is the importance of Yuvraj that the impact of his injury has caused ripples in the tournament winner betting, seeing India drift out from 9/2 to 6/1.

His fracture was obviously worse than that suffered by Younis Khan who it would appear is now going to be ready to play against India on Saturday after missing out on the West indies match earlier in the week.

Also out is Nathan Bracken who has had to return to Australia with a knee injury, which resembles like he has got injured in a car accident. After the doctor’s consultation, they told him that it is not a very serious one, but if he takes good rest by sitting out of the tournament it would be very good to regain his form back. He must also be consulting in starting for personal injury claim while he recovers completely from the injury. He can also consult an experienced attorney from Rundlett Law Firm, who can help him to file a personal injury claim and get compensation for the injury and damage caused. The Aussies are yet to name a replacement for him. Apparently his participation in the upcoming Champions League is under threat as well. It would appear this was an injury he was carrying and they were ‘managing’ it through the busy schedule.

England as usual have their own injury problems also. Luke Wright is still not fully recovered after been hit on the toe by a yorker from the bowling machine. Quite how he managed that, who knows, as apparently they were practising facing yorkers. It wasn’t the element of surprise was it? Surely England batsmen aren’t that daft when it comes to batting are they? For anyone that seen the recent series against Australia I’ll leave you to make your own mind up.

They are also said to be ‘managing’ the knee problem that caused Stuart Broad to miss matches in that ill-fated ODI series as well. Another worrying factor for England fans as the ECB’s managing of players injuries over the past few years is less than impressive.

Lets hope the tournament can carry on without any more of the big names having to withdraw. With Flintoff, Pietersen, Gayle, Chanderpaul and Fidel Edwards etc, already missing from the start the ICC can ill afford any more star names dropping out.

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