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How to make Bonus Bagging pay for itself

Bonus Bagging costs £27 and if you choose the right free bet to use first, you will be able to pay for Bonus Bagging with that one transaction.

In the Bookmakers section there is plenty of free bets to choose from. If you choose one of the £50 free bets to use first, then it is fairly easy to make the £27 registration fee back straight away.

There is currently five bookmakers in the listing offering £50 in free bets. Three of these offer the £50 in one free bet, the other two offer £50 in increments of £10, etc.

In order to make Bonus Bagging pay for itself, you will need to use one of the bookmakers who gives you the £50 in one free bet.

I only made £25 from my first transaction through Bonus Bagging, the free bet I used was actually a reload bet from Bet365 whom I already had an account with. But I made a bit of a mess of things, had I done it properly I would have easily recouped the £27.

To start with, pre match I backed Liverpool (on Bet365) at Even money and I managed to lay them on Betfair at 1.94 for a small arb profit (after Betfair commission) as they got backed in after I placed my original bet. So that was my qualifying and covering lay bet placed to make sure I didn’t lose my £50.

Then in running I tried to find a bet were the price on Bet365 was similar to the price on Betfair to use my £50 free bet on, this proved to be more difficult.

In the end I had to settle for backing 0-0 at 3.4 on Bet365 just after half time. I could only get a lay price of 3.85 for 0-0 on Betfair, the two prices were a bit too far apart for my liking.

Where I went wrong was not doing this during half time. The 2nd half had kicked off and I knew a goal between me placing both bets would mess things up if I got it the wrong way round.

As it was, I placed my lay bet of 0-0 first on Betfair, as obviously if a goal went in before I backed it, I would have won. I then placed my back of 0-0 on Bet365, ensuring a profit.

In my haste and confusion due to panicking (not the way I would recommend doing things) I miscalculated and put too much money on the lay, meaning I stood to win more (about £35) had the game not finished 0-0 (In the end the game did finish 0-0).

This is why I believe it is important to do the in-running bets during half time, when a goal obviously can’t be scored, leading to massive price shifts.

It would also have meant I could have calculated the lay size more accurately and if I needed, taken advantage of the Bonus Bagging calculator that works out how much you need to put on each bet to ensure equal profit.

So in a nutshell, I should have paid for Bonus Bagging on that one trade alone. I all but did anyway, as I’m not going to moan about being only £2 short.

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