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England’s Great Spinner

No, I’m not on about Graeme Swann, I’m on about our old friend Gile$ Clar£e.

I had the pleasure of listening to him at the lunch break on Test Match Special today and Gile$ didn’t disappoint.

As is usually the case, Gile$ decided to insult the intelligence of the listeners and all cricket followers with his pathetic explanations for the 2 proposed T20 matches with West Indies at the end of the English summer.

“No”, Gile$ said, before claiming that the games are not being played to just satisfy Sky and prevent the ECB having to repay some £7Million to compensate the TV company for the loss of the Stanford T20 matches (another of Gile$’ great achievements).

They are being played to help save West Indies cricket from financial meltdown, they are being played to try and bring back all the West Indies fans that used to watch cricket in England, as this will in some way help WICB.

It gets better, ECB are also paying the flights for the West Indies team to come here, even though they are apparently in transit to their tour of Bangladesh at the time.

So there we have it, by paying for the first leg of the West Indies teams flight to Bangladesh, the ECB are saving their board from a Greek style financial disaster.

Lets say £100,000 for the flights, maybe more I don’t know, but no where near the £7 Million, Gile$ and his ECB chums won’t have to pay back to Sky if the games go ahead.

I know we play too much cricket in England, but I don’t blame ECB for trying to save repaying the £7 Million with a couple of meaningless T20’s, but don’t insult us with these rubbish excuses.
Just come out and tell it like it is, if it’s because the struggling counties need the money, then fine – it’s Clar£e’s job too look after them, so say that and we won’t have a problem with it. After all, it’s not as if he never uses that line when it suits him, he’s quick enough at wheeling out that excuse when he’s justifying the lack of cricket on terrestrial TV.
Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?
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