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Cricket Betting – South Africa Favourites to win World Cup

The quarter-finals line ups are now known and South Africa are the majority of the bookmakers favourites to win the World Cup. Most bookies have them at 3/1, with Stan James at 7/2 the standout price.

The fact that India have the harder looking of the quarter-finals is probably the main reason why SA have the favourites tag. If India overcome the Aussies on Thursday, I’d expect to see them back at the top of the betting.

India are 10/3 and also 7/2 with most bookies, I suppose you could say they are joint favourites at 7/2, but everyone except Stan James, William Hill and Betfred has Graeme Smith’s men as favourites.

Hill’s are 10/3 India and 3/1 SA, Stan James are 10/3 India and 7/2 SA while Fred has them both as 10/3 joint favourites.

What of the rest? Sri Lanka are 3rd favourites at 9/2, the Aussies come next at 11/2 and Pakistan at 13/2, those prices are available with most bookies.

England are available at a general 10/1, although some bookies have them as short as 8/1. With the real outsiders, West Indies 22/1 and New Zealand 25/1, both a best price with Victor Chandler.

Pakistan look like a dangerous floater to me, like South Africa, they have an easier looking quarter-final on paper against West Indies. If they win that game, they will be up against India or Australia in the semi’s, if they are to then play India, I believe anything could happen.

In the other half of the draw, SA look a certainty to win their quarter-final against New Zealand. Sri Lanka are favourites to beat England, but who knows what kind of a performance England will put up.

If we do manage to overcome Sri Lanka, I’d be surprised if we manage to beat South Africa twice in the competition, but stranger things have happened. There are free bets available with most of the bookmakers mentioned on this page.

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?


  1. I don’t know what it is but I just have this funny feeling NZ will do over SA Deane! I’ll put down a fiver on that with Dean’s Bookmakers 🙂 Let me know the odds and what I’ll win 🙂

    Regards to footy; Don’t know what you’re on about, us Hammers are a peaceful bunch 🙂 Here’s the blog where your link is Deane Pay a visit now and again with your footy blog handle and hopefully people will reciprocate. The author goes by the handle of Hammersfan. Me and him have quite a few battles so do excuse us! 🙂 (He loves me really!)

    I share many of your frustrations with football Deane. In it’s purest form, at it’s essence, it is the ultimate sport, from the the kid kicking a deflated ball in Africa, to the highest level in the champions league, it encompasses everything. Yet as with cricket, the people running the show are not suited to the job.

    As for the other problems in football, I do see some of them creeping into cricket. But funnily enough, as long as Test cricket is around, I think the yobbishness will stay away from the gentleman’s game. It’s a strange vaccine.

    Boy, you travelled quite a bit haven’t you? You going to the two internationals coming up? I’m gonna go to the Ghana friendly with my mates.

    I dont take the managers’ side but the officials in footy dont help themselves. They’re like aloof or take the moral high-ground with no show of humilty. I particularly notice this in the body language of refs. It’s dismissive, winds up and riles players. They act as if they can’t be wrong. They need to develop a relationship with the players because then respect will develop.

  2. Cheers TJ, I have linked to the West Ham site from the links page of my footy blog.

    Not going to the games, haven’t gone now for about 3 years. I knocked it on the head for a while and then my daughter came along so I can’t afford it any more. Different priorities these days.

    Hope to do it again some day, would love to go to the world cup in Brazil in 2014. But would need a few large winning bets to make that happen! So obviously won’t be going!

    Agree with a lot of what you write about football. At it’s best it is brilliant, but the down side to it is very frustrating and the way people like FIFA and FA allow it to be run down is criminal.

    I trust you are joking about betting on New Zealand to beat SA, although I hope they do. The best price I have seen is 9/4 with Bet365 and Betfred. For £5, you would get £16.25 back (including your fiver) which I personally don’t think is great value.

    But hey, what the hell do I know?

  3. Yeh, it’s all about priorities mate. Many sport’s people don’t know the sacrifices the average person makes.

    Boy, I am shocked at those odds. They’re way off what I thought they’d be. Maybe the bookie agrees with the rookie (me) that NZ will cause an upset! 🙂

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