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Cricket Betting – India V ICC Associates XI

What’s all the fuss about with Shikhar Dhawan?

So he scored the fastest century ever by a debutant, so what! When are people going to wake up and realise that these Test playing nations pummelling second rate bowling attacks is bad for averages and statistics. In short, it is false.

You can’t be taking records like this – or Brian Lara hammering the Zimbabwean attack (obviously in the past), etc – seriously. Until there is competitiveness at Test level, the credibility of these records will continue to fall and fall.

In all seriousness, what a performance. I know that Duncan Fletcher hasn’t always been flavour of the month with the Indian public, but we are now starting to see his side develop.

There was no way in the world a player like Sehwag (as good and exciting as he was/still is) was ever going to be a player that Fletcher was going to fancy, same can be said of Zaheer with his (lack of) fitness levels.

This is clearly a massive boost for Fletcher and his plans. The performance of Dhawan must have virtually ensured that Sehwag won’t be missed (too much) by the Indian public (although there could be an argument about how good the two of them could look together?).

Fletcher likes players in a particular mould and of a particular mentality, Sehwag (in my view) always batted for himself, not the team. Fletcher was never going to stand for that, for too long.

When Fletcher first took over he couldn’t make wholesale changes with the imminent retirements of world class performers like Dravid and Laxman, so he had to bide his time. And as soon as India were on the up, Sehwag was gone, and India are now starting to see the fruits of Fletcher’s labours.

From an English perspective, I think we hit India at a good time – when they were slap bang in the middle of their period of transition, and that clearly helped our cause. I’m not trying to take anything away from England’s performance, as our spinners out bowled the Indian ones, and Alastair Cook was virtually unplayable…. but I think it was a combination of both of these factors that led to the series result.

In the current Cricket Betting for the 3rd Test, and if you are trading on Betfair (which I am) India are currently 3.45 to back, with the Draw favourite at 1.41. Australia can be backed at a massive 190.

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