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Common Sense Prevails

I’m not going to dwell on the issue of the Ian Bell run out for too long as I believe it has already been blown well out of all proportion.

First I have to say well done to MS Dhoni and the Indian team for their decision to withdraw their appeal for Ian Bell’s run out, it was the right course of action and the game of cricket was the real winner in the long run.

Yes, to the letter of the law India were correct and Bell was out, but for me the run out wasn’t in the spirit of the game. For a start it appears that Bell thought the ball had gone for 4 and was therefore dead. But whatever way you want too look at it, I think we ended up with the correct outcome.

Dhoni’s decision leaves Paul Collingwood still in sole possession of the worst bit of bad sportsmanship I’ve seen in modern cricket. His decision to appeal the run out of Grant Elliott in 2008 after he collided with Ryan Sidebottom was an appalling one and should have resulted in him being removed as captain in my book.

Any person stupid enough to do what Collingwood did that day isn’t fit to lead an international side.

So again, well done to MS Dhoni and the Indian side for a common sense decision.

A funny tweet I noticed in the aftermath of the incident said something along the lines of ‘it is the most shocking thing I’ve seen on a cricket field since Paul Harris got a ball to spin.’ A bit harsh on poor old Harris.
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