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Can the UAE T20 Cricket League Compete with Others?

UAE T20 could be played at Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium

Early in February this year it was announced that the UAE would be attempting to build their own T20 cricket league set to be ready and completely unveiled by at least the end of the year – but with other big cricket leagues operating nearby such as the IPL, can the UAE T20 cricket league succeed, and what may be the biggest selling points for success?

Experience already at hand – Perhaps the biggest benefit for the UAE league is that it has already had plenty of experience in hosting the highest quality cricket in the world – having been the home of the IPL throughout the end of 2020 due to the ongoing pandemic, and had previously hosted Pakistan as the UAE had been the home ground a few years ago too – this means that the infrastructure and knowledge to properly deliver high level cricket is certainly there, and will provide a huge benefit to getting things off the ground and will certainly have an impact on being able to deliver high quality broadcasting to fans.

Attracting international talent – Another of the big challenges is ensuring that there’s enough international talent for the six-team roster that’s set to be unveiled – for the purpose of pulling in viewers and for gaining attention, getting big names involved will certainly make the different, but the good news is that there does already seem to be some interest – the biggest betting market in the world for cricket is with the IPL at many non gamstop sites at have a big  focus on this market, and some of the big talent from the IPL have shown interest in the UAE league. With the promise to offer competitive salaries, it might not be all that difficult to pull some of the bigger names across and field a six-team roster full of some of the biggest talent.

Existing cricket interest in the region – Another of the big benefits given the hosting of the previous events and the point of existing experience is that there’s already existing interest and a desire to have cricket in the region – setting up a new league in a new region can be very difficult without existing interest, and so to already have a dedicated fanbase close by will certainly help get things moving fast.

The coming months will outline the rest of the process for setting up and preparing the league, with more information still to be revealed around the details that haven’t yet been mentioned but with eyes to hope for a December start later this year, answers to whether or not success will be found is soon at hand.

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