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Can England save their World Cup?

I’m certainly not convinced they can, but then nothing would surprise me with this team at the moment.

A couple of plus points for England are that they played at this ground against South Africa, so should be familiar with it and that West Indies are equally as unpredictable and on their day, as totally useless as England can be.

So it could be a case of which England and which West Indies decides to turn up on the day. 150 all out plays 140 all out, or 295/6 plays 296/7, who knows what these two will produce.

I’ve just read Derek Pringle’s piece in the Daily Telegraph and see he has the team down to be a probable Strauss, Bopara, Trott, Bell, Morgan, Prior, Wright, Yardy, Bresnan, Swann, Tremlett or Shahzad (if fit).

It’s interesting that he sees England dropping Anderson whether Shahzad is fit or not. I would have thought Shahzad’s illness would have given Anderson a reprieve.

I really hope that Pringle is right though, as Anderson has become a liability in ths tournament.

The other possible big name omission is Paul Collingwood, again what has he done lately to justify inclusion? Although there is a strong argument that he would still be more effective than Luke Wright.

Personally I would like to see Tremlett included no matter who’s fit or not. Judging by the condidion of the pitch against South Africa, Yardy has to play, although if he can’t get the ball to turn on this one he should be provided with some walking shoes and swimming trunks and made to make his own way home to England.

Off Strauss, this could possibly be his last game in the 50 over side. I know that the ECB have denied he will quit after the world cup, but from Strauss’ point of view, it’s hard too see what could motivate him to carry on in this side.

My motivation for keeping him for the time being, would be the lack of a suitable replacement. Who is there? I read somewhere the other day that Alastair Cook would become the 50 over captain should Strauss step down. I really can’t see that one working.

Hopefully Strauss has another captain’s innings left in him for tomorrow at least.

No TV for me either as I’m out all day driving, so I am relying on Aggers and Test Match Special to get me through the day, probably better not to be watching.

Also no bets, God knows who will win this one. There is more chance of predicting the winner of the toss, than the match.

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?


  1. “heads” 😉

    Agree that we have been useless but you have to say its been compulsive viewing!

  2. Thats true Geoff, we could argue the world cup needs us for entertainment value.

    Maybe ICC could help us out with a dodgy ump to help get us through and keep their tournament interesting.

    I’ll keep an eye out for your ‘heads call.’

    It could be the cricketing ‘nap’ of the day. Bad Cheltenham pun, sorry.

  3. Now will Strauss bowl Ravi Dean?

    I met Ravi on my street corner just before the squad flew out. He wasn’t in the squad at the time and was looking forward to meeting up with the Lions. We had an interesting chat about Mr Strauss along with other things! 🙂 (Ravi and I went to the same primary school. His older brother was in my class. An East Ham boy, good see he comes back to the hood)

    I’m gonna go watch the highlights now but what a game. The Windies must be feeling like crap though. How on earth they managed to lose that I’ll never know.

    As for Avram…and it’s funny you say Grunt because I do the same!…or to put it another way, I Grunt too! I completely agree the guy has been a joke. Not only is he not a football manager, but he’s not even a football person. The only way he has managed to get top jobs in football is because of his mates doing him favours. He, along with the porn baron owners and Brady make me sick! Lets hope he is sacked in the summer. I won’t hold my breath though, as the moronic owners would do anything to save pennies.

    Cool, I didn’t know you had a footy blog too. What sport do you prefer though, footy or cricket? I know they’re each very different and involve different types of skill but if you had to choose one? Mine would be footy, just….but I do love cricket.

    I’m gonna forward your link to one Hammers blog I follow and ask the author if he can put a link of your footy blog on his. I hope you don’t mind.

  4. Thanks mate, no I don’t mind at all. Don’t think I’ve slagged the irons off on the blog, so shouldn’t get any hate mail.

    Which is my favourite? That’s a good question. 6 – 7 years ago I would have said football. But now, I think I prefer the cricket.

    I’ve just got sick of the attitude of football. Fans, players, managers, the clubs, etc.

    I went to the 98,02 and 06 world cups and the 2000 and 04 Euros. They were great experiences, but by 2006 I had just about had enough. Idiots everywhere I went.

    The clubs and their fans piss me off also, look at Alex Ferguson and Man Utd. All I’ve heard lately is that the FA have it in for Fergie, the 5 match ban (supposedly) for telling the truth, etc.

    The idiots just don’t get it. It’s more than Fergie just saying a ref is crap. He may well be right, but the lack of discipline that he presides over is a joke.

    I’m just using this as an example. It’s not just Man Utd, it’s a lot of clubs.

    I’m not blaming them for all thats wrong with football, but they don’t help.

    I just look at him continually intimidating referees in press conferences and his players doing it on the pitch for him.

    If there is no discipline within the game at the very top, then how the hell can we expect it in the parks and with the kids at the weekends.

    It’s gone too far and the FA don’t do anything about it. They don’t appear to have realised that they need referees for a game.

    Things like the proposed 39th game and getting rid of FA Cup replays annoy me as well. The prem league isn’t happy with just taking all the money from the lower leagues, they want to take away their lifelines of FA Cup replays as well.

    They then poach their young players as well. Everything is geared up for the big clubs in the prem league.

    They also want to further take the piss out of loyal fans with games abroad etc. People like Arsene Wenger like it, because it would raise revenue for their clubs. Fuck the fans though.

    I could go on a right rank here, I think I already have started, but I will now restrain myself. But until football starts to get it’s act together I think I will continue to get more frustrated with it.

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