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Assured Soccer Profits Review

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I’ve been using this system for just under three weeks and now feel I know enough about it to write a review on it’s merits and value for money. When I first heard about the system on Twitter, I have to admit I was a bit sceptical about it when I heard the name Assured Soccer Profits, I did wonder how any profits trading football could be assured.

This is a trading system developed by Geoff Parle and with the help of John Duncan (of Football Cash Generator) it has been marketed into an impressive package that consists of an ebook, tutorial videos, a blog, results diary, an exit options calculator and much more.

This isn’t just a case of someone selling you a manual and then saying good bye, never to be heard from again. This is more than just a system, I believe you are buying into an ongoing process. It is also a growing process, only last week I noticed five new ‘getting started videos’ appear in the members area. That’s on top of the 20 tutorial videos already there (which I haven’t even managed to watch all of yet).

There is also a 93 page ebook outlining the criteria you need to follow, don’t be put off by the prospect of thinking you have to read 93 pages of drivel, it isn’t like that. The writing is very large and there is a lot of screen shots included, it really doesn’t take that long to read.

Geoff also regularly writes a blog that is also a good read, it also gives you the opportunity to interact with him and ask him for advice on various different techniques and how or why he does things.

On top of the manual, the video tutorials and the blog, there is also a betting diary listing all the results of Geoff’s trades, as of 11th September 2011 (when it was last updated) it stood at £13,280.95 profit over 593 days with an average win of £4.05 a match, the daily average win worked out at £22.40.

If you think ASP will make you rich overnight, it won’t. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme (personally I don’t think such a scheme exists), it is more a gradual steady accumulation. If you are prepared to be patient and persist with this system, I believe you will be rewarded with profits

This also isn’t a system where you will never lose. You will lose occasionally, but the point is if you follow the system correctly and don’t take big risks you should be able to limit your losses down to what you might expect to win on a match or two. To date my biggest loss is £8.25 and if I had followed the system correctly I would actually have won a couple of quid or broke even at the worst.

It is a system where I expect to win on far more games than I lose on, so from that prospective a lose every now and again (if managed correctly) should only set you back one to two game’s winnings.

There has to be an element of common sense attached to the system, how you trade a match which is going wrong with a lot of early goals is probably best done to suit your own particular situation. For example, I watched a tutorial video where John Duncan leaves a lot of red on a particular score and it came good and he won £4.

I was in a similar position (to his example) recently and I could have done the same, but as I’m new to the system and didn’t want a heavy loss early on I managed to red out for £2.50 when I had been looking down the barrel of a £25 loss, and it proved the right decision in the end.

Maybe with more experience I would have turned that £2.50 loss into a small win. But going back to my previous remarks about not taking big risks, I decided early on that I expected more goals (it was the Chelsea 3-5 Arsenal game) and started to plan my exit at half time and was able to take my £25 red on AUQ at HT down to an overall red of £2.50 just after Arsenal went 2-3 up.

So is Assured Soccer Profits worth the money?

In my opinion, yes, I believe it is. I know that £89 is a lot of money, but as I stated above you are buying more than just a system, you are buying into an on going process. I also believe that it is an evolving process as the system can probably be tweaked, and as a member I will have the chance to debate and discuss modifications to the system that suits me with Geoff and other members through his blog.

This is a system that requires a lot of patience and an element of discipline, all the usual mandates of not being greedy, etc, also apply.

Geoff and John set out to win an average of  around £4 a match, this is borne out over a long period of time and I believe it can be replicated with the same level of discipline. If all goes to plan I intend to gradually up my stakes (percentage wise) in line with my betting bank as it grows, something which I haven’t seen Geoff and John do or recommend, but that’s not to say it’s not within the system package somewhere and I just haven’t come across it yet, such is it’s vastness.

I have found that this system has opened my eyes to other ways of trading the correct score market, as it can be implemented in many different ways.

You will need a starting bank of around £150 – £200 depending on how many games you intend to trade. Basically it depends on the individual and how many games you intend to trade at once, if you have a £50 float in your bank for each game you intend to trade, I believe you should be ok.

Another point to note is that your ‘red’ will also be tied up until the end of the match so a larger bank may be required if you intend to do games that overlap ones you are already involved in.

I don’t tend to expose my account to much beyond £25 a match at the moment and I definitely wouldn’t trade any more than three games at once, I only generally do two games at a time so I don’t get distracted.

I would also recommend having a spare £10-£15 a game in your account, just in case you are in a situation where you might need to back a score late on to cover a position.

This system can be operated on any game, but due to liquidity reasons I would limit myself to mainstream European games. The criteria to which games to avoid is covered in great detail within the system.

I do believe that this system is value for money. For more information about, or to purchase Assured Soccer Profits, please click here…..

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