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What is going on?

I know that there has been a lot of football posts on this blog lately, but fear not as the intention for this blog is to still be primarily about the great game of cricket.

So for any football haters, sorry, but this is another football posting as this is an issue that cannot be ignored.

It has emerged tonight that England’s bungling football manager, Fabio Crapello, has tried to persuade Emile Heskey out of international retirement and got snubbed.

Now let me get one thing straight, I’m not one of the many Heskey haters out there, but I’m also not his biggest fan.

My gripe is not with Heskey, but with Crapello. I thought we were moving on from all of the crap from South Africa? So just what is going on?

This says to me that Fabio has no intention of moving on with new blood. It says that he still believes in the bulk of the players that made a right balls up of the world cup.

Ok, so Fabio has no Walcott, Zamora, Agbonlahor or Defoe. But he still has Peter Crouch, Carlton Cole and Darren Bent, while Wayne Rooney has declared himself available.

Michael Owen is still available and Andy Carroll at Newcastle is knocking on the door. He has Daniel Sturridge and even Kevin Davies at Bolton is a steady consistent performer. But no, Capello has to go back begging to Heskey.

This is the latest embarrassing snub for Fabio after Wes Brown and Paul Robinson retired after receiving call ups from him. Capello then retired David Beckham without telling him, before changing his mind and now even Matthew Upson is apparently considering telling Capello where he can stick it.

Keep it up Fabio, you’re doing a great job!

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