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What are David Haye’s Chances tonight?

I have spent the latter end of the week weighing up what chance David Haye has of beating Wladimir Klitschko tonight and have found it is a bit of a head versus the heart situation.

My heart is telling me David Haye, but my head is saying look at the difference in size, reach, experience, etc, etc, and taking all this into account, how can any sane minded person consider backing Haye?

But I really do believe Haye has a chance, I think that all Haye’s thrash talk this week has been designed to draw Klitschko out of his comfort zone and into having a real tear up.

Haye – and I think this too – must believe that if Klitschko ‘hides’ behind his jab all night, that there will only be one winner. Haye will have his work cut out to win on points, I also believe that he will struggle late on if he has the Klitschko jab wearing him down all fight – and that’s why he has been trying to provoke Klitschko all week.

A well connected boxing coach in Coventry claims to have had word from the Haye camp that all his training is geared towards a 4th round stoppage. I know the source and he is a reliable chap, but common sense tells me that the Haye camp aren’t going to be revealing all their detailed plans to any old Tom, Dick or Harry – which is why I’m not as confident as a lot of my mates are, who have backed Haye to win in the 4th.

Some of thrash talk hasn’t been nice from Haye and I can understand why some of the public seemed to have turned on him, but I’m still supporting him.

For the reason I’ve given above about Haye wanting a tear up, I’m going to go for a bet on both men to win in rounds 4-6 in a ‘Grouped Round’ bet (both men are available at around 8/1 on Betfair ). I think that Haye will try and force the issue and go for it early on, meaning an early end to the fight one way or another.
A reason for not going for a finish in Rounds 1-3 is because I think Haye will have a look for a couple of rounds first, before going for it. He did a similar thing in the Audley Harrison ‘fight,’ where people seem to forget, Haye also didn’t throw many punches during the first two rounds.
And as I don’t want to end up feeling like the man who left the lottery syndicate the week before the big win, I think I will have a silly couple of quid on Haye to win in the 4th round.
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