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Trescothick curse strikes again

I was sadened to hear today that Marcus Trescothick has again had to return back home to England because his stress related illness has this time affected him during the Champions League in India.

When I first heard Trescothick had this problem a few years back I don’t mind admitting I was less than sympathetic towards him and believed he was no worse than homesick and should just knuckle down and get on with things.

Subsequently since listening to Trescothick giving various radio and TV interviews I have become sympathetic and less ignorant to what the man must have been going through.

As a bad traveller myself and having forced myself to go places around the World over the last few years I know the fears and tredipations you can feel before stepping over that line knowing that you are going a long way from home and the safety and reassurance of your friends and family.

For some people it just second nature and they love it and it never has and never will be a problem to them, but for others the thought is just too much.

We all know someone who has never been anywhere in the World of any note, are they people with the same problem who just don’t realise it? I get the feeling the problem is a lot more widespread but we just don’t hear about it in the media.

With this just being a short trip to India it would have been hoped Tres might last it out and it could have been good progress towards his potential coming to terms with being away from home, on the evidence of today he is still clearly not ready and probably never will be during the remainder of his cricketing career.

A shame for his cricketing career which promised so much more, and a shame for him as a human being also.

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