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The England ODI Captaincy Debate

Stuart Broad and Andrew Flintoff are the latest names to give their views on the issue of England captain of the 50 over side.

Broad has been tipped for the job by former captain Michael Vaughan, unsurprisingly though Broad has given his backing to the current captain Andrew Strauss.

Andrew Flintoff didn’t directly call for Strauss to go, but he may well have done. In saying that the 2015 captain decision needs to be made this summer, he is basically saying that Strauss needs to go now.

It is a tricky one and I’m not 100% sure what my view on this is at the moment. One one hand I understand Flintoff’s view, but the problem is who do you make captain?

While I don’t mind a different captain for T20’s. I would prefer the same captain for tests and ODI’s – and I believe that is probably the view of Andy Flower and the selectors.

Therein lies the problem – Alastair Cook.

He is the natural successor in the test team, but is he worth a place in the ODI team?

I’ve previously stated that I wouldn’t have him in the ODI team, but after his performances in Australia maybe he deserves another chance.

During the Ashes he was far more positive and went for his shots more. England also seem to lack natural openers in 50 over cricket and if Strauss isn’t there, we won’t have any at all.

So trying Cook in the ODI team is a viable option, and probably the one favoured by Flower and Geoff Miller.

The other option for me is to pick Cook for the team but leave Strauss as captain for 12-18 months and see if Cook is worth a place in the team, while exploring other options like Bell, Trott, Broad or Morgan.

The danger of doing that though, is you risk setting the team back 12-18 months.

But as we have seen with the Steven Davies/Matt Prior situation, decisions are made at the last minute and you could argue that nothing that happened to the team after the 2007 world cup had any bearing on the make up of the 2011 side.

Personally I think that Strauss will go unless he is asked to stay on for the benefit of the team. It is a tricky decision for Andy Flower to have to make, that’s why I am split between leaving Strauss in charge for another 12 months, or making a fresh start now.

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