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Betting in overseas territories is a subject we have covered here on Cricket Betting Blog in the past, and today we are looking into betting in Canada, where sports like Ice Hockey and Basketball are huge betting events. If you’re an avid basketball player, check Mega Slam Australia about the questions to ask before buying a basketball hoop

First, we take a look at the legalities. Before we do anything that could land us in trouble, it’s important to have to look into the minefield that is betting on the continent of North America.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Canada?

The answer to that is, Yes, it is legal. Thankfully there are different rules governing betting online in Canada, to that of the USA. Placing sports bet in Canada is fine, and nearly all online bookmakers accept Canadian players.

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Betting in Canada is Legal

Sports Betting In Canada

Opening sportsbook accounts and placing bets in Canada is really simple. First you need to find a sportsbook that is trustworthy, and is well recommended. Once you have done that, you sign up.

Signing up is easy, you will just have to fill out your name and address, create a username and password, and add your bank details. Once you have done that, you are ready to go.

New Sportsbook Customer Bonuses

Before you deposit and place a bet, it is crucial that you read through the terms and conditions, as there may well be a decent welcome bonus which you get when you open your account.

Nearly every sportsbook will offer new customers a welcome bonus of some sort. It is usually a free bet, or a deposit bonus.

In a lot of deposit bonuses cases, the amount you receive is based on your first deposit. This is why it’s very important that you read the terms of the sign up bonuses carefully.

For example, if you can get a deposit bonus of 50%, up to a maximum of $200, then there is little point opening your new account and placing 10 dollars in there on your first deposit, and then deciding to put a couple of hundred in a few days later, as your deposit bonus will be paid out based on the $10 deposit (your first deposit).

Most of this information is readily available on the sign up page. If not, you should find it on the promotions page of the website, or you could give them a ring.

When you get a deposit bonus welcome offer, there is usually rollover requirements. This is simply to stop people putting money into the account, getting the deposit bonus, and then withdrawing it.

Rollover requirements are usually something like, X3 of your deposit, and X2 of your bonus.

So this would mean if it was X3 of your deposit, and you deposited $100, you would need to gamble $300 to play through it three times (X3).

You would then need to play through your bonus (say it is $50 for the sake of this example), meaning you would need to gamble a further $100. When you have done all of this, you are free to withdraw your money from your account.

The alternative to a deposit bonus for new customers, is the free bet. The free bet can usually come in one of two forms – the risk free bet, or the free matched bet.

Risk Free Bet

Staring with the risk free bet, and this is a free bet that you get for opening a new account, but only if your first bet loses.

So for example, a bookmaker offers you a $25 risk free bet. You place your bet on Canada to beat the USA at soccer. If Canada wins, you pick up your winnings and nothing else. While if Canada lose or draw, you get a $25 free bet to use, as your first bet didn’t win.

Free Matched Bet

The free matched bet is a free bet that you get for opening your account no matter what happens with your first bet. It is usually a 100% match up offer, up to a certain amount.

So for this example, let’s say that the bookmaker is offering you a 100% free matched bet up to a maximum of $25, when you open a new account with them.

So what this means is that you place $25 on Canada to beat Russia at Ice Hockey. Then whether Canada win, lose, or draw, you get a free bet of $25 to use.

With free matched bets, the outcome of your first bet is totally irrelevant, you get your free bet simply for opening an account, and placing a bet.

Personally I much prefer the free matched bet, as it is guaranteed no matter what happens, and I class this as a real bonus.

Different Bookmakers Will Offer Different Bonuses

The bonus you get will simply depend on the sportsbook/bookmaker’s offer. From time to time the bookmaker might change the new customer offer, so if you don’t think the offer is that good, and are not in a rush to open an account with that bookmaker, it might be worth your while waiting to see if the offer does change.

As you can see, there are plenty of sports betting options in Canada, with plenty of sign up bonuses and free bets that you can claim for your betting. It is a fairly easy process, and you can even use such sign up bonuses to fund your online betting.

As well as using Canadian bookmakers for your sports betting, it is also possible to open accounts with European bookmakers who accept customers from all around the world. Some of these bookmakers will accept deposits in Canadian dollars, and for the ones that don’t, you can deposit funds using the e-wallet method instead.

A lot of these sportsbooks will also have casino platforms for you too use, all of which can be accessed through the same login.

Popular Betting Sports In Canada

Sports more familiar to natives of Canada, there is also a growing interest in betting on overseas sporting events such as English Premier League football, which is a very popular spectator and gambling event all over the world, not just in Canada.

As well as Ice Hockey and Basketball, other popular sports in Canada are Lacrosse, Canadian Football, Soccer (football to Europeans), Curling and Baseball. The official winter sport in Canada is Ice Hockey, and summer sport is Lacrosse.

IIHF World Juniors Championship

Ice Hockey Betting

Ice Hockey is huge in Canada, and is a massive gambling sport. The Stanley Cup is the premier event, with teams from Canada and the USA both taking part, the current holders are Pittsburgh Penguins.

Popular betting markets on Ice Hockey are…….. Money Line, Enhanced Odds, Puck Line Handicap, Total Goals, 60 Minutes Betting, Draw No Bet, Double Chance, 1st Period Double Chance, and 60 Minutes Correct Score.

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