Throughout this world cup, Sky Sports have been showing a series of clips from previous world cups, highlighting some of the more entertaining moments from the past.

On Sunday they showed this clip of a run out involving Jonty Rhodes and Inzamam. It is an absolutely amazing clip, it was an unvbelievable moment in the history of cricket and I could hardly believe what I was watching โ€“ just look at how slim Inzamam is!

I know the clip shows the name of Mushtaq on the back of the shirt, but it is definately a slim looking Inzamam who gets run out, this scorecard is from the match and shows that Rhodes did run Inzy out.

I am old enough to remember Inzy when he was just a mere slip of a lad, long before he became the well rounded athlete we got used to seeing honing his technique by sleeping in the slip corden.

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