Cricket Betting Tips

Cricket Betting

Popular methods of betting on cricket

Multisports betting has opened up the option to bet on more than just football or horse racing. Cricket is regarded as one of the UK’s greatest ever sports but even the most advanced punters are disregarding it as something you can freely bet on. This is a missed opportunity as all of the top bookmakers now offer various markets and prices on a variety of outcomes in the sport.

As the ability to bet on cricket is something that many have missed, methods of betting on cricket are almost mythical, but there’s plenty of worthwhile ways to get involved. Betting markets for all sports continue to grow all the time and the same goes for cricket. While there aren’t too many people providing insight over how to bet on cricket, TeamFA set themselves aside from the crowd with their own cricket betting tips and previews.

Most cricket punters will tend to bet on:

Match Result and Total Points

Only a handful of sports will exclude a match result market, but cricket is one of the many sports where you can easily back the outcome of a given game. Usually referred to as ‘Main Markets’ or as the ‘Winner Betting Odds’, this market will appear first on most event pages. It’s a way of backing the simplest outcome to predict – the winner of that game – with no obstacles or catches. You can also back which side will win and add on which side will take the most sixes too, but this is limited to specific bookmakers.

Statistics Betting Markets

When it comes to betting on cricket, getting behind statistics will always rank as being the most popular markets to get behind. These statistics include all sorts of possible facts and figures, and they’re scattered around all cricket match pages. Most runs regarding each side is one of the most in-demand, then followed by an assortment of player markets on both batting and runs scored.

Being able to build your own bet with your own specialised selections has given even more options to punters who want to back a specific outcome in the cricket. Whether it’s the most runs for a chosen player, the outcome of the match, or a handful of statistics, you can add them all into your own bet. Even the smaller games now have loads of different SkyBet RequestABet, BetVictor #PriceItUp, BetFair Same Game Multi and Bet365 Bet Builder options, and you’re also given the chance to ask for your own markets if you get in touch with these bookmakers directly.

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