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Ijaz Butt Apologises!

So finally Ijaz Butt has apologised for, and retracted the slanderous remarks he made about the England team taking “enormous amounts of money” to lose the 3rd ODI at the Oval.

I wonder who, or more to the point, which lawyers persuaded him that this was the wisest course of action to take?

Butt claimed it was all just a big “misunderstanding”. Well, I heard and seen the footage of him making those remarks, and I have to admit that I fully understood what he said.

Fair play to Andrew Strauss and the England team for accepting his apology and moving on though, it shows what a mature bunch of guys they are. Although I bet that privately they are still seething, and probably think that ICC should do something about it, as I do.

I wrote on this blog yesterday that Butt is an ICC director and therefore shouldn’t be allowed to get away with going around making outrageous, damaging claims such as this. They were not just damaging to England, but to the game of cricket as a whole.

So will ICC charge him with misconduct? Or are they just going to send out the message that it is ok for their directors to go around behaving like this?

We live in hope, but sadly not much expectation!

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