Cricket Betting Tips

Cricket Betting

How to Increase Your Winnings When Betting on Cricket?

Getting an edge over the bookmakers is very difficult, especially if you’re betting on cricket. Bookmakers use means and have all the statistics available have an advantage over you. They can easily draw conclusions on how to make their profits on you. So, in order for you to try and outsmart them and make your betting more profitable, you’d have to become a researcher and do all the statistics… or, you can use these 4 tips and start improving your game.

Check the Weather Conditions That Day

You’re not going to outmaneuver bookmakers by googling the weather forecast, because you can be sure that they will do that as well. No, the best scenario involves you checking the ground and seeing what the weather conditions are. Assuming you know the basic cricket rules, you should know that if the day seems humid, then you should not bet on many runs and put your wager on the team that has stronger bowling attack. On the other hand, if it’s a rainy day, you should expect more runs and favor the team famous for the batting.

Rain Delays At Cricket

Speaking About Betting on Runs – Be Careful with That

Betting on runs is actually the trickiest and riskiest bet you could possibly make. This goes especially for bets on the team you support. First of all, please check the weather before you even attempt betting on the overs or unders. There are two things that can happen. Bettors bet on overs more often than unders, and this is not something that bookmakers haven’t noticed so far. So, they are automatically tempted to make the markets unfairly high in order to balance the books. That’s why betting the unders will give you a better chance of getting the edge.

Try Betting on Both Teams

Everyone’s afraid of betting on both teams. Why? If you do it right, you’ll have a very profitable betting. The secret is in the game’s momentum – it shifts all the time. So, betting on the team that has reached 2.5 odds first, and then as the momentum changes, betting on the second team can give you guaranteed winnings. Be wary that this works when betting on limited overs.

Stay Away from Draw Bets in Test Matches

Especially if you’re a beginner in cricket betting, you should avoid betting on draws. I know it’s tempting and you’ve heard that this is the most popular bet, but for now, stay away from them. As you have read so far, there are many factors that intervene with the final result. The advice is to observe and wait for the momentum. See which team has it and bet on it. Don’t underestimate the pitch deterioration due to days-long matches, which can make batting pretty difficult during those last two days. You can click here to observe the results of the draws and wait patiently for the game’s momentum to shift. This is when you should place your bet. As soon as you put these tips into practice, you’ll see why they are essential. With time, you’ll understand the betting process and be good betting on your own.

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