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How is Collingwood’s Knee?

Now that Ravi Bopara has taken his chance coming in for the out of form Paul Collingwood, I wonder just what the extent of Paul Collingwood’s knee injury is?

Is it bad enough for him to be sent home and be replaced by Eoin Morgan?

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?


  1. Morgan’s replacing Pietersen right Dean? I would go Moragn straight into the side. What I don’t understand is why they don’t bowl Ravi? He’d be difficult to get away on those wickets. Strauss has consistently gone out of his way not to bowl him whenever he’s played. Strange.

    Did you get my facebook email I sent you? Any luck?

  2. Yes thats right, Morgan’s in for Pietersen. Shame we couldn’t do the Collingwood swap instead, but never mind. It was never a possibility really, just my wishful thinking.

    I think Strauss will have to bowl Ravi now, as Pietersen would have bowled a lot more given Yardy’s form. If Strauss doesn’t use him now, then it will be clear that he doesn’t rate/trust him.

    No mate, didn’t see the facebook email, I could have deleted it by accident if it went in my junkmail, I’m not sure if thats what happened.

    Did you send it too – -?

  3. Yep Dean, that’s where I sent it, the day after your question on the blog. I will re-send it.

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