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Edward Bevan assaulted at Taunton

BBC Wales’ cricket correspondent Edward Bevan was the victim of a vicious assault at the hands of Somerset’s Peter Trego at Taunton on Monday.
Armed with a cricket bat, Trego launched an unprovoked attack on Bevan which ended up with the Welsh veteran narrowly avoiding being glassed by the west country, heavily tattooed thug.
Bevan did suffer brusing to his lower back, but widely regards himself as lucky and accepts that it could have turned out a lot worse. The disgraceful Trego could clearly be seen celebrating afterwards, making absolutely no attempt to contain his joy at what he had just done.
Commentary of the incident was captured and can be heard through this link, there are then further unsavoury scenes just afterwards when cider fuelled locals can be heard clapping and cheering the assault.
Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?
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