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Disgraceful Scenes at Premier League Darts in Glasgow

As a Darts fan I was looking forward to tonight’s game between Scotland’s Gary Anderson and England’s Adrian Lewis in Glasgow.

As is the norm these days, for some unknown stupid reason, it has become common place for the Scottish and Irish fans too boo certain English players, in particular Phil Taylor and James Wade.

It has also become the norm for all English crowds to stupidly boo Gary Anderson. With all this in mind I fully expected – as I’m sure did he – Adrian Lewis to get a fairly hostile reaction from the Glasgow crowd tonight.

I love watching and support Anderson, he is my favourite player at the moment, I believe if he can start to hit his doubles more consistently he will become the top player in the world.

I couldn’t believe the ovation he got at the start tonight, it was out of this world. I don’t think I have ever seen someone get such a response from a darts crowd.

What followed that was disgraceful, it wasn’t clever chucking beer at Lewis before the start, but for idiots to start throwing coins as he was throwing his darts was unbelievable.

You could cleary hear the thud of coins bouncing off the backboard as Lewis was standing on the oche. Lewis was obviously aware what was going on, as he could be seen jumping at the sound of the thuds.

Did it never cross their minds that they could hit the man they were there to cheer? Probably not, as they haven’t got brains.

Gary Anderson clearly didn’t want to be there, he looked disgusted and embarrassed. Fair play to him for picking up some of the coins and mouthing to the idiots who threw them, what he thought of them.

Scottish sport fans have a great reputation around the world. I bumped into a load of Scotland football fans in Paris in 1998 at the football world cup.

I spent a couple of nights out drinking with some of them and had a great time, no malice whatsoever. One of my lasting memories of that trip was the sight and sound of a load of Scots at the top of the Eiffel Tower stamping their feet and singing.

The bemused looks on the faces of tourists from around the world up the tower that day was a picture, they were looking at all these blokes wearing skirts and with red wigs on singing and dancing, and wondering just what the hell was going on.

I always support Scotland when they play, unless they are playing England of course. I have also stated my support for Andy Murray on this blog before. In short, I like and support Scotland, I bear no grudge against them at all.

One thing that really pisses me off though is the element of bigots that attatch themselves (not support) to Celtic and Rangers, the sort of brave people that go home and give their mrs a good hiding because their football team lost.

Or the sort of people that look for a Catholic or a Protestant walking home on his own so they can go and give him a good old sectarian kick in, or maybe even stab him.

They are not sports fan, they are bigoted thugs. If it wasn’t going to be such a drain on the army, I would suggest that they should be sent to the front line in Afghanistan to see how brave they really are.

Unfortunately it seems that these idiots who are the dregs of society infiltrated the darts tonight. I wonder will they be brave enough to give the mrs another slap tonight because Anderson lost?

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?
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