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Over the past few weeks I have had a long hard think about where I am going with my cricket betting or cricket trading. If I am serious about this and want to make money from it, I have to be more thorough and have a more professional attitude towards it.

This has led to me thinking a lot about what are the best betting sites to use for certain sports, like who is the best online bookmaker for cricket or football, etc.

Surely it is important to have the knowledge of who is the best bookmaker for this, or the best bookmaker for that? Who offers the most markets, who is the specialist in this particular field?

At the moment I generally use a betting exchange, Betfair, for my cricket betting. At the moment in a TV advert they say that in Premier League football they had the better prices in the match odds markets 178 times out of the 250 winning outcomes than Bet365 did.

There were similar winning ratios against other high street bookmakers. In all the surveys they listed, the high street bookmaker had the better prices in about 25%-30% of the winning outcome, than Betfair did.

In the past I had naively believed that Befair (or the betting exchanges in general) had the better odds nearly all of the time, because of the lack of a ‘bookies margin’ (usually 12% I believe). The advert just goes to show how wrong and ignorant I was.

With this in mind, I have now started looking into who are the best betting sites or bookmakers to place a bet on cricket online with. As I generally trade cricket these days, if I did decide to place a bet on a Test match with a bookmaker because their odds are better than Betfair’s are, then there is still nothing to stop me laying that bet on Betfair for a profit later on during the Test match.

It just means any potential winnings might end up in a different account to what they usually do. In short having the money in a bookmakers account is mainly an inconvenience, this shouldn’t be seen as an obstacle if I’m looking to maximise profits.

It’s like life in general, we would shop around for the best price, wouldn’t we? Or if we have any sense we should.

So why not do the same with my bookmakers? I don’t just have to use one online bookmaker or betting exchange all the time, I should shop around a bit and look for the bookmaker that offers the more variety and most importantly of all, the better prices.

A lot of online bookmaker accounts would also mean a lot of free bets, of which can be used for online betting on cricket.

Another benefit of having lots of different bookie accounts is because the bookmakers can sometimes put limits on your account, ie, maximum bet of £10.00 etc.

This only generally happens if you win a lot. If you’re one of those punters who continually loses and lines the bookmakers pockets, you probably won’t have this problem.

So if you do have a few different online bookmaker accounts, then you will probably be spreading your bets around more meaning there is less likelihood of one particular bookmaker singling you out and limiting your account.

In a way having an account limited is an achievement, an achievement that sadly I’ve never managed yet. At least if you do win a lot with a betting exchange you won’t have that problem.

So far I haven’t managed to establish which – if any – bookmaker is the best betting site for cricket. But I have now opened my eyes to the fact that – whether cricket betting or cricket trading – a bookmaker may offer a better starting price than a betting exchange, and with this in mind, I will now be searching around for the best price from now on.

I am aware of an online bookmaker called Cricket Bet Live, I personally haven’t used them yet, but I have read some positive remarks about them on Twitter.

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