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Jimmy Anderson calf injury sees England slightly drift in latest Ashes betting

The news that Jimmy Anderson has a calf tear and that his injury must make him a doubt for England’s 1st Test against Australia at Edgbaston at the start of August, seems to have had little impact on the latest Ashes Betting.

The set back for England briefly seen Joe Root’s team get slightly eased out to Even money with some firms to win the Ashes outright, having previously been 4/5. Fast forward 24 hours, and the Even money has already disappeared, with 10/11, currently the best price.

Jimmy Anderson Calf Injury

Jimmy Anderson has a calf injury, all of England will be hoping it heals in time for the Ashes

With the severity of Jimmy’s calf injury still not fully known, it is hard to gauge how long Anderson will be out for. However, no further details about the medical injury are available. The lack of clarity might be part of the reason why there has been no real change in the betting. It is best for people to follow a procedure for filing an injury claim in Canada if they face personal injuries. They can consult an experienced lawyer who can help them claim the compensation if they are injured after a car accident or had some other personal injuries.

If the calf injury turns out to be a long one, I expect that will have an impact on the betting. But for now, there is little change.

But if he was not able to play due to false acquisition of the possession or selling of illegal drugs, then  the victim could hire a marijuana defense lawyer who can give him legal advice and fight for his rights.

England Have Options If Anderson Doesn’t Make Edgbaston

If Anderson fail to recover in time, England do have some options. At the moment, there is probably one bowling space up for grabs (assuming Anderson is fit). That space will be contested by Chris Woakes, Mark Wood, and Jofra Archer. With the latter of the three the favourite to get the spot.

So if Anderson doesn’t make it, that means Archer, Wood, and Woakes will be battling it out for two spots. Rather than just the one, that is currently available.

Losing Anderson Will Still Be A Blow

Given Australia’s recent struggles to play the moving Dukes’ ball, it would still be a massive blow to England to lose Jimmy.

With the pace of Archer and Wood available, I still expect to see England go into the Ashes with Anderson and Broad spearheading the attack. On manufactured green surfaces, this is a tried and tested formula that has worked for England in recent years. So they are highly unlikely to change that now.

The only way it might change is down to injury. Losing Anderson would be a huge blow, and could lead to a possible tactical rethink. England would have to decide whether to bring in Woakes and stick to the green seamers. Or maybe change tactics and hit the Aussies with the raw pace of Wood and Archer.

A fit and firing Anderson puts that argument to bed, as it would be green seamers all the way.

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