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Welcome to the cricket betting tips page of Cricket Betting Blog (CBB), where you will find the best 100% free online cricket tips today from our expert cricket tipsters, our tips cover matches in the UK, India, Australia, all across the world, etc.

Free Online Cricket Betting Tips – Who Will Win Today

Cricket Betting

2024 T20 World Cup Winner Betting

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All our tips are written in-house, and by people who passionately follow cricket for their hobbies and living.

Want to know who will win the match today? Then you’re in the right place!

Cricket Betting Tips

2022 IPL Free Cricket Betting Tips

The 2022 edition of the men’s Indian franchise cricket competition, the IPL takes place from Saturday 26th March to Sunday 29th May.

Here, Cricket Betting Blog will be bringing you free online cricket betting tips on all 74 matches of the 2022 Indian Premier League, meaning there is no need for you to go anywhere else.

2022 IPL Free Betting Tips

IPL 2022 all you need to know:-

  • 10 Teams
  • 74 Matches
  • Start Date – 26th March, 2022
  • Final – 29th May, 2022
  • Venue – India
  • Format – Twenty20 (T20)
  • Free Tips – Yes, here at Cricket Betting Blog

Tournaments We Provide Free Cricket Betting Tips On

Below is the sort of high profile cricket tournaments we will be bringing you our free tips on (along with betting guides).

All the biggest and best franchise competitions, and ICC tournaments will be covered – and all absolutely free!

As well as free tips on Cricket Betting Blog, we also have links to all the best cricket betting sites.

This enables us to bring you the best odds, and best sign up bonuses, wherever you are in the world. If you’re also interested in playing online slots, check out joker123 slot login.

Betting Exchanges Cricket
Betfair Exchange

Enhanced Odds Cricket Betting Offers

Another tip for making risk free money from cricket betting is to look for enhanced prices.

At the start of major competitions like the cricket world cup or the IPL (for example), UK bookmakers may offer enhanced odds on a particular outcome.

This gives the opportunity to make money be hedging our bets on Betfair’s betting exchange if you plan to start on doing it, visit WTVR to find a list of the best casino sites.

It may be double the odds on a particular team, or enhanced odds on a batsman to be the top run scorer.

In these instances it is possible to make risk free money by simply placing the bet at the enhanced odds. And then laying the same bet on a betting exchange for more money than you placed on the original enhanced odds bet.

That way no matter what the outcome, you are guaranteed a profit.

Have plenty of Betting Accounts

Not everybody’s cricket betting needs are suited by one bookmaker, which is why we have a variation of the best betting sites to choose from.

Once you have selected your bookmaker to bet on cricket, you are ready to go.

Check out the list of all upcoming International cricket fixtures here, to help you select the matches you wish to bet on.

Depositing To Bookmakers

Depending on what country you live in, depositing to bookmakers can vary from being very simple, to being very complicated.

If you live in the country of your bookies chosen currency, then it is generally a fairly simple process.

For example, most of the bookmakers listed on here are UK based, and trade in Sterling, US Dollars and Euros.

So if you live in the UK or Republic of Ireland, it’s an easy process.

Bookmakers don’t always cater for differing currencies though. The best way around the currency problem is to use an e-wallet.

Using an e-wallet allows you to deposit money in your own currency, and then automatically exchange it for the desired currency you require.

The main reliable companies that offer an e-wallet system are Skrill, Paypal and Neteller.

For example, you live in India, and want to use Indian Rupees for your cricket betting. You wish to deposit to a bookmaker that uses Sterling in the UK.

To do this, you would simply deposit an amount of Indian Rupees into your e-wallet.

You then exchange that amount to UK Pounds Sterling within your e-wallet, and then deposit it into your UK bookmakers account from your e-wallet.

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All our the cricket tips displayed on this site are merely our opinions on what we think the outcome of the match will be.

We are not claiming following these tips will make you rich. We are simply posting them as a bit of fun – and saying who we think will win the match. And as such, you should only treat them that way.

Never EVER gamble what you can’t afford, and always follow the safe rules of gambling. For example, don’t chase losses, and don’t bet when drunk or angry, etc.

If gambling is becoming a problem, seek help from one of the many organisations that can help, such as GamCare.

Premium Cricket Betting Tips

As things stand, we endeavour to keep our cricket predictions free.

If you do feel like you would like a premium cricket betting tips service, then please get in touch. We are open minded to this, and would consider it if it’s what our readers want.

At the moment, as stated in the above disclaimer, our tips are more a bit of fun for who we think will win the match.

Cricket Betting Tips and Tricks of the Trade

One of the best things you can do when betting on cricket is to learn the tip and tricks of the trade.

But what does this mean, I hear you ask? Well, let’s look into things in a bit more detail.

Cricket isn’t like football, where Man City will invariably beat everyone. Quite a few factors can play a huge part in cricket, in a way not seen in other sports.

For example, the conditions, weather, even the toss (with regards to who bats first).

To put it another way, football is a basic game played on grass, and the best team usually wins. Cricket can’t be looked at that simply, it is far more complicated.

You might think Team A will beat Team B in cricket, and if the match was played in perfect and identical conditions for both sides, you would probably be right.

So where you need to learn some tricks for using cricket betting tips correctly is by doing some homework.

In a particular ground, the team that wins the toss and fields, may win more often than the team that bats first. This could be a coincidence, but over time, it becomes a theme.

Learning about conditions is a great Trick of the Trade

This could be down to the conditions, it generally is. For example, in a day/night limited overs match, dew can play a part. In these circumstances, winning the toss is crucial, as it leads to a change in the odds.

On occasions, the result of the toss can even change who is the favourites to win a white ball match.

This is why its important to learn about the tips and tricks of cricket betting. Without this crucial knowledge, you could be following tips blindly.

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