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Ijaz Butt, at last

At last, we have it, Ijaz Butt has finally given us his well overdue, and typically crackpot view on the spot-fixing scandal currently engulfing the Pakistan cricket team.

I can kind of understand Butt’s point of view that he believes there is a conspiracy against Pakistan, and that the media in certain countries is biased and not fair, as the latest allegations appear to be very vague. I can also understand him being a bit pissed off by not getting told about them before ICC made a public statement.

But his attack on the England cricket team is just absolutely amazing. He said…

“There is loud and clear talk in bookie circles that some English players have taken enormous amounts of money to lose the match [Friday’s third ODI]. No wonder there was such a collapse.”

To make an accusation like that is staggering. Remarkably, in the same press release he also said that when they name the sources behind the conspiracy, that “we also reserve the right sue them for damages” and that “we have thought about this properly and we have positive proofs here before us just like they say they have also.”

I beg to differ that he has thought about anything properly regarding this statement. To say what he has about the England players, and then in the next breath, threaten to sue people is laughable. I know who I think is more likely to be sued.

Butt had been, up until today, remarkably restrained with his views on all this, but he did have the Pakistani High Commissioner filling in for him with his own brand of madness.

Even by Ijaz Butt’s usual eccentric standards, this one is a real bloody good un!

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?