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Magnificent John Higgins

I believe I have just watched the greatest win in the snooker career of John Higgins. The comeback tonight wasn’t just from 7-2 and 9-5 (requiring a snooker) down, it was his own personal comeback from the self inflicted nightmare of the last 8 months.

I’ve rightly given Higgins some stick on this blog for his good fortune in only receiving a 6 month ban for bringing the game into disrepute, when the consequences could have been far worse for him.

I am also prepared to give credit where due and tonight the way John Higgins fought back to beat Mark Williams in the UK Championship final was just unbelievable. It showed what a true champion Higgins is.

At 9-8 down the great Steve Davis described Higgins as the most complete player to ever pick up a cue, saying that only he could have come back from where he did to win this match. Complements don’t come much better than that.

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?