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Cricket Betting Terms Explained

Cricket betting is very famous among people. People do it to earn and to have fun. But it is not so easy to bid as it looks like. If you are also involved in cricket betting then you are aware of different terms related to it. One cannot just and be safe; instead, it is very important to have some basic knowledge to win the bet.

If, you also love the cricket by heart then you can involve yourself in cricket betting. Then you are at the right platform to learn all the tactics related to the betting. Go through the sport odds with 10cric and have fun while watching the match.

Basic terminologies of cricket betting are:

There are many terms related to cricket when it comes to betting. But knowing the few properly is enough for a person. Some of them are given below:

  • 1. Run in the first over:

Yes, this technique helps in deciding the under and over the winning situation of a bookmaker. In this the betting provider will set a limit, for example 4.5 with 3 runs. Now if the batsman is taking 5 runs then the winning will be over and the batsman is taking 3 runs then the winning is under.

  • 2. First wicket-taking method:

The probability of the opposite team to take the wicket of the team on batting also decides the winning. It means that the ticket can be caught by bowled, LBW and other methods. The best option from all these is the bowled and LBW.

  • 3. A total number of 50 and a hundred in the match:

The probability of choosing the total fifties and the hundreds in a match also decides the bookmakers winning. This technique is mostly for the test matches which are long matches. The betting is done by the number of 50 and 100 scores in 1st innings.

  • 4. The match of the batsman:
  • In this type of the duel are being made by betting provider and the total highest number of runs scored by the batsman gives the duel winner.5. Dead-heat: an unfortunate situation

If there by any chance there are two batsmen with the same score making two bookmakers winner of the bet. Then the betting provider will give half the bid amount. Now, both will get 50-50 for the specific match even after winning the bid.

  • 6. Bet is a draw

When the match is at the draw situation in any case then the probability of the bid is also drawing in draw single bets and the amount will be refunded. But the ticket of the accumulator wills same by 1.00 ipl 2020 odds with 10cric. So, the situation is quite complicated to solve all the bids effectively.

  • 7. Opening partnership with the highest score:

Now when the opening team is scoring the highest run in a tournament at this situation also the odds are there on bids. But in these situations, the odds are very low as compared to others.

  • 8. Most match sixes and run-outs:

A total number of runs and the total number of run-outs is also becoming a very important odd in the betting. Even there are different odds if both the teams are having a total number of sixes or a total number of run out equal.

  • 9. Series outcome

The betting is also done on the next match in the series. The probability and the outcomes are very different in this case. But, still, this method is very effective for winning.

Why knowing all the terminologies is important?

Knowing all the terminologies which bookmaker can use while betting is very important to increase the probability of the winning. Even after going to all the probabilities and the odds it is not essential that you will win the bet. But it will help you a lot while betting on a specific thing. There are many terminologies present over the internet but going through few which are important is a must.


We have discussed all the major terminologies related to cricket betting. There is a lot more present while deciding the ipl 2020 odds with 10cric. So, one has to go through a lot of options to win. One can get all the latest information with the help of betting sites.

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