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Can Chris Tremlett do it again?

Now that it’s official, that Chris Tremlett is in the England world cup squad, I’m wondering can he have the same impact he did when he came into the side during the Ashes?

Tremlett’s ability seemed to take the Aussies by surprise, they seemed to me to be wondering why a bloke this good wasn’t already in the team.

First thoughts though are that the pitches at the world cup aren’t going to suit him anything like the Aussie pitches did.

But from a positive prospective, I don’t believe this will weaken the England team in any great way – although we now can’t afford any more injuries – as Tremlett has had more cricket over the past couple of months and is probably in better rythem than Broad was, although Broad had showed signs of a return to form against South Africa.

Another positive is that he won’t have to acclimatise as he has been with the squad throughout this tour.

Any regular readers of this blog will know that I am a fan of Tremlett’s bowling, I was disappointed he didn’t make the initial squad, but I fully understand why, as he and Broad are a bit like-for-like.

I’m not sure if he will come straight into the team, Shahzad may well get his chance now, and he is the better batsman as well and was unlucky to be left out after the India match.

But at least England have options, there will come a time when it will be horses for courses, so I fully expect Tremlett to play his role in this competition.

The additions of Eoin Morgan and Tremlett, shows that at the moment England have good quality in depth.

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?


  1. As a replacement he has done already in ashes which I think much big arena from this world cup so why the confusion? Although he should not be replaced Broad..Alas! we will miss big Stuart.
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  2. I think Tremlett will go straight into the side Dean, which is a bit unfair on Shahzad. If this does happen, why did they not include him in the initial squad ahead of Shahzad anyway? Crazy. I agree, Shahzad has been unlucky. Tremlett has improved from a few years back when he was a bit too gentle and less giant. I don’t think he will let anyone down though.

    I’ve re-sent the email mate. Have a butcher’s.

  3. I actually think this might be a blessing in disguise. Although Broad is a very good bowler sometimes his temper gets the better of him, especially when the team is under pressure and he bowls too short and can go for alot of runs. I think Tremlett brings a cooler head to the squad although I would like to see Shahzad actually given a few games to shine

  4. Stani, I think the reason why he wasn’t in the squad is that the selectors wanted different variety with the bowlers, he and Broad are a bit like for like.

    I think Shahzad is a horses-for-courses squad member.

    Yes mate, I got your email, thanks you for that.

    I’ve had a read off it and think I know what you are saying. I need to have another go with facebook now that I have your information.

    Betting Blog, thats a good point, Tremlett is older and a more finished bowler with a calmer head, Broad can lack discipline at times. Tremlett is probably more match fit as well.