Cricket Betting Tips

A lot of people stumble upon this site looking for cricket betting tips, you can visit Metal Sucks to learn more about betting. Here I am happy to share my thoughts and opinions of who I think may win a match, or be top bowler, top batsman etc – mainly through the posts listed on my blog.

Cricket Betting Tips
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I am happy to offer my views and give cricket betting tips to who I will be betting on. I will also point you in the direction of some cricket tipsters who might be worth a follow. If you then choose to follow this advice, that is up to the individual. I am also happy to recommend a selection bookmakers to use to place your cricket bets with. They are….

Recommend Cricket Betting Bookmakers

Another tip for making risk free money from cricket betting is to look for enhanced prices. At the start of major competitions like the cricket world cup or the IPL (for example), a bookmaker may offer enhanced odds on a particular outcome, allowing us to make money be hedging our bets on Betfair’s betting exchange.

It may be double the odds on a particular team, or enhanced odds of some sort on a batsman to be the top run scorer. In these instances it is possible to make risk free money by simply placing the bet at the enhanced odds and then laying the same bet on a betting exchange for more money than you placed on the original enhanced odds bet. That way no matter what the outcome, you are guaranteed a profit.