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Opening Partnership Betting

Opening Partnership Betting

Highest Opening Partnership Betting is a popular cricket bet that is available on all forms of the game.

What Is Opening Partnership Betting?

Most popular in T20 and ODI cricket, Opening Partnership Betting is simply a bet on which team will score the most runs before they lose their first wicket, most people love partnership betting, almost as much as they love bos 88.

While in Test match cricket, the bet is based on which team will score the most runs before they lose a wicket in the 1st innings of the match.

There is usually three possible outcomes to this bet, Team A win, Team B win, or a tie. The Tie is usually around 40/1.

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Different bookmakers can have differing variations of the bet

While most bookmakers offer you three outcomes, Team A, Team B, or the Tie, some will only offer two outcomes.

In these circumstances a tied result would usually result in bets being made void and stakes returned.

In the event of only two outcomes offered, check with the bookmaker what would be the outcome in the event of a tie. And do this before placing any bets.

A simple way to avoid this situation is to find a different bookmaker.

An Example Of Opening Partnership Betting

You want to place bet on the Opening Partnership of an ODI between Australia and England, so…..

  • you would place your bet on whichever team you think is going to score the most runs before their first man is out/lose their first wicket.
  • Australia bat first and get to 58 runs before they lose their first wicket. Then England (batting second) lose their first wicket, when they have 55 runs.
  • That makes Australia the winner of the bet.
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