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Test Match Betting

Popular Test match betting markets are Match Winner, Top Run Scorer, Top Bowler, First Innings Lead, Top Opening Partnership, Method Of Dismissal, etc, etc.

There are currently 10 Test match playing nations, they are England, West Indies, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Australia, New Zealand, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Recommended Bookmakers For Betting On Test Match Cricket

Betfair Cricket Trading

Using trading techniques you can make money on a particular betting market without actually betting on who you might think will win the Test match.

Betfair is the biggest betting exchange, with millions traded over the course of a Test match. This is what makes Betfair Cricket Trading such a big and popular betting event.

Betfair Cricket Trading

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For example, you might know that it is likely to rain on Day 2 of a Test match, but you think there will be a win for one side or the other, as the pitch is a bit lively.

So what do you do? You back the draw late on Day 1 (assuming the odds are acceptable), and then when the rain sets in on Day 2, you will see the odds on the draw start to shorten. Once you see the price shorten, you lay it off for a risk free profit.

This is known as trading, and is a very popular method used for betting on cricket. Using this method, you don’t need to bet on who will win the Test match to make money.

Lay The Draw Cricket Trading

Another popular method of cricket trading, is too lay the draw. To put it simply, you might think that a Test match will end with a winner, but you might not be too sure which team it will be, so you can lay the draw. This is a simple, but effective method.