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How to bet on Cricket

So, I suspect you are here as you are looking to learn how to bet on cricket? Well, if you are, you will be pleased to know you are in the correct place.

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Betting on cricket online isn’t difficult, and with the right online casa de apuestas you will realise that it’s actually very easy.

Betting on Cricket Online

Here on cricket betting blog, we will guide you through the online cricket betting process step-by-step.

We will show you

  • how to find the right bookmaker
  • what the different cricket formats are
  • how to understand odds

Basically, this page will teach you how to bet on cricket from scratch. It is the complete novices guide.

Choosing A Bookmaker For Cricket Betting

Different Cricket Formats

It’s important to understand that there are different formats in cricket.

There are plenty of different variations around the world, but in general there are three main formats to bet on.

They are:-

  • T20
  • 50 Over ODI (one day internationals)
  • Test Matches

As I alluded too, there are regional variations.

For example there has been domestic 40 Overs a side competitions, and there are also a few 10 Over a side competitions held around the world.

While in 2021 in England and Wales, there is a new 100 ball competition called The Hundred taking place.

Cricket Betting Odds Explained

Fractional or Decimal?

Cricket Betting Tips and Tricks

Take Weather Into Consideration

Ground History

How to bet on Cricket FAQ

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