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England set to extend rest and rotation policy

Chris Silverwood Comments on England Rest and Rotation Policy

England coach Chris Silverwood has said that England’s controversial rest and rotation policy could be used throughout the English summer, and even into the Ashes if the current Covid-19 restrictions remain in place.

Silverwood is quoted on as saying that England’s priority is to look after the players. He also stated that they intend to be proactive in their approach to the players’ well being. Rather than waiting until the players are broke, and then attempting to fix them.

Rest and Rotation for England possible during the Ashes

Silverwood made it clear that if necessary, this policy would be continued throughout the Ashes.

The policy has come in for widespread criticism, with plenty of ex players quick to stick the boot in.

Others, such as Andrew Strauss said they understood it, as the bio secure bubbles are a nightmare.

Silverwood’s words come shortly on the back of Joe Root publicly airing his frustrations about the policy. There is no suggestion to two men have fallen out about it though.

Root was also careful to point out that the players well being was the most important thing. But understandably, he was disappointed that it didn’t do much to improve England’s chances of winning in India.

No doubt these latest words from Silverwood will do much to appease Root’s frustrations. It’s fairly obvious to say that it’s not going to be too helpful in his quest to win the Ashes.

What it does make clear is though that the player’s well being is paramount to England.

It’s fairly easy to make cheap shots about Moeen needing a rest after one Test match, as certain people – who should know better – did. But that clearly wasn’t why Moeen came home.

It also confirms that England are now fully signed up to the opinion that part of parcel of keeping their star players happy, is allowing them to participate in the IPL.

The likes of Stokes, Buttler, Bairstow and Moeen could all be resting during that competition. But England have clearly taken the decision to factor that tournament into their plans.

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