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When betting on cricket – or for online betting in general – I believe it is important to have accounts with as many bookmakers as possible. Here at cricket betting blog, we have catered for this and have a good solid list of online bookmakers and Australian Bookmakers.

The main reason for having a lot of bookie accounts is that you have a larger selection of markets to choose from, and as a result of this you can shop around for the best cricket betting odds.

I see it as like dealing with a bank. You don’t have your savings account, current account, insurance, and mortgage, all with the one bank. You shop around for the best prices, and it’s the same with online bookmakers…. shop around for the best prices!!!!

Bookies prey on are apathy. They hope that we will open an account with them, and then just use them for all our betting, and then probably lose money in their casino for good measure. Us cricket betting punters have to be more savvy than this, we need to start using the bookmakers to our own advantage.

There are that many of them out there now, that there is simply just no excuse for having an account with one bookie, and nobody else.

As I already eluded too, it’s worth having more than one account so we can shop around for the best prices. Other reasons for having more accounts, is because not all bookmakers offer the same markets on cricket betting. All will offer the main markets, match winner, top batsman, top bowler, etc, but not all will offer a wide range of more obscure markets.

For example, you may be looking to bet on how many runs an opening partnership may get. One bookie might be offering a spread at 49.5 runs, but you may want a spread at 69.5 runs, so if you have more accounts, you have more chances of finding the cricket betting market you are looking for.

Another good reason for opening numerous online bookmaker accounts if for their free bets, we have compiled a list of these on our free bets page. We can use the free bets to make money using the matched betting technique, and this can help us build up a betting bank for betting on cricket with.

Here we have compiled a list of reputable online bookmakers all worth having a betting account with, there is also a list of Australian Bookmakers accounts for our southern hemisphere readers included.

UK and Ireland Bookmakers

Betting Exchanges

Australian Bookmakers

As well as the Aussie bookies, you will also find here on cricket betting blog that we have also produced an information page of northern hemisphere based bookmakers that accept Australian dollars.

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