Mobile Cricket Betting

Over the last few years with the advance in mobile technology, betting on mobile phones and handheld devices has really taken off.

There is generally two options you can use to bet on your mobile or tablet. The first option you have is too use the bookmakers mobile site, the second option is to download the bookmakers app to your mobile device and use this.

Going back to the first option of using the bookmakers mobile site, and this is effectively the same as going to the bookmakers site on your PC. The only difference is that the layout on your mobile device slightly differs, as it has had to be adjusted to fit on a smaller screen.

In general I have found betting on mobile websites to be an okay experience. The only real downside I have come across is that some bookmakers don’t have as many markets available on their mobile website, but I expect that to improve over time.

You could decide to take the second option and download the bookmakers app. At this moment in time, the majority of bookmakers have an app that can be downloaded, but there are bookmakers that don’t.

Of those that do have an app, you have the choice to decide whether to play online at their mobile website, or to download the app and use that instead. It is really up to the individual which method you choose.

One thing to bear in mind is that as I mentioned, on mobile or tablet devices you don’t always get a large selection of markets. It could be worth just using mobile cricket betting for betting on ‘Match Winner’ markets, ie, Team A to beat Team B.

Alternatively, you could have a few different bookmakers’ sites that you use. One bookmaker may cover a market that another one doesn’t, and vice versa. Having a selection to choose from should help you find the particular bet you want, and more importantly – at the odds you want.

Any serious cricket gambler should always have a few bookmakers accounts to choose from to place your bets with, as you always need to shop around for the best prices.