Live Cricket Odds

Live Cricket Betting is now a major international industry with loads of different in-play markets to choose from, and load of online bookmakers now offering in-play markets on all forms of cricket, both domestically and internationally.

Direct Links To Live In-Running Cricket Betting Markets In UK and Ireland

Also known as in-play betting, or in-running betting, you can bet live on cricket anywhere from the Indian Premier League, to Test matches between Australia, India and South Africa, to domestic English county cricket – and there is a betting market for just about anything you can think of to have a bet on.

As a general rule of thumb, the bigger the events, the more in-running markets there is too choose from. Large betting events these days include competitions such as the IPL (Indian Premier League), and the Ashes (best of 5 Test series between England and Australia).

The most common cricket in-running bet is the ‘Match Betting’ market. This is basically who you think will win the cricket match. Any cricket betting sites not offering odds on this market, I personally wouldn’t go near.

In Test match cricket, you will have 3 options. You can either bet on Team A to win, Team B to win, or on the Test match to be a draw.

As there are not generally draws in limited overs cricket (T20s, or 40 Over domestic cricket, or 50 Over international and domestic matches), you will only get 2 outcomes, Team A to win, or Team B to win.

In the event of the 2 teams scoring the same amount of runs in a limited overs match, you need to be aware of the rules used by the bookmaker you are betting with before you get involved, as different bookmakers have different rules.

Some will award the match to the winner based on the official match result (ie, whoever wins due to least wickets lost), while some might invoke the dead heat rule and void all bets.

A Selection Of Markets You Can Bet On In-Running Are

  • Total Team Runs
  • Top Team Run Scorer
  • Highest Opening Partnership
  • Team Of Top Batsman
  • Team To Score The Most Sixes
  • Total Match Sixes (under or over a specific amount, ie over 6.5, under 6.5)
  • 50 (half century) Scored By Any Player In A Team Innings
  • 100 (century) Scored By Any Player In A Team Innings
  • Odd Or Even Number Of Runs In An Over
  • Method Of Next Dismissal
  • Next Batsman Out
  • Winning Margin
  • Amount Of Runs Scored By Individual Batsman
  • Which Team Will Score Most Runs In First 15 Overs