How Does Betfair’s Australian Wallet Work?

If you’ve ever tried to bet on cricket played in Australia and New Zealand from the UK on the Betfair Betting Exchange, you will have come across the issue of the Australian Wallet.

While it’s not complicated, it is a bit of pain in the backside. Due to the terms of Betfair’s Australian licence granted back in 2006, all money wagered on Australian events must be held and guaranteed by Betfair in Australian, and as a result of this us punters need a separate Australian wallet.

Don’t worry, as it is nothing you have to do yourself, as I already pointed out, it is nothing but a pain in the backside. All you need to do is complete your identity checks, which you will be doing when you open your betfair account. If you haven’t already got a betfair account, you can open one here and claim a £30.00 Free Bet.

The Australian Wallet also only applies to the Betting Exchange, not the Betfair Sportsbook.

So How Does The Betfair Australian Wallet Work?

If you look at the top right hand side of your screen when you are logged in to Betfair you will see your account funds are next to the word ‘Main’ – this means your money is in your main account. Underneath Main it should say ‘Aus’ which is your Australian Wallet.

Next to both of these wallets is a ‘v’ symbol, if you click on this it will open up a box in which you have a number of options, one of which should be ‘Transfer.’

Simply click on ‘Transfer’ and another window should open. In that window you will see you have the option to transfer cash from your Main Wallet to your Australian Wallet, and vice versa. Simply the amount of cash you wish to transfer in the box, check the right buttons to make sure the transfer goes the correct way, and click on ‘Make Transfer’ – and that’s it done.

Don’t worry about transferring money to the wrong place or losing it etc, it is always still in your account. Your total balance will always be the combined amount in your Main Wallet and your Australian Wallet.

There really is nothing to it. It is simply a bit annoying if you are watching a cricket match in Australasia on your tele, you spot a good value bet and go to quickly put your money on it, only to find you have to muck around transferring money across to your Aussie Wallet, not rocket science, just bloody irritating.