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What Is Super Series Cricket Scoring System?

England’s current series against Sri Lanka has adopted a new scoring system, known as ‘Super Series’ which sees points awarded for every international match of the Sri Lanka tour.

It is – apparently – a way to try and ensure dead rubbers have some meaning, and is pretty much the same formula used in recent women’s Ashes series.

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The scoring format for England V Sri Lanka, sees 4 points will be awarded for a Test win, with two for a drawn Test match. In the 50 Over Internationals and the one T20 match, 2 points are awarded for a win, with 1 point awarded in tied matches.

The idea is that if England (for example) go 2-0 up in the Test series, the 3rd Test won’t be a dead rubber.

On the Sri Lanka tour, the ‘Super Series’ will still just be alive if England win the Test series 3-0. That would give Alastair Cook’s team 12 points, meaning that Sri Lanka could tie the ‘Super Series’ by winning all five 50 Over matches, and the one T20 match.

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The same format is too be repeated in the Pakistan series later in the summer. In that series there is 4 Test matches, played first, meaning that in the event of someone winning the Test series 4-0, the ‘Super Series’ would already be dead.

The format is far from perfect, and there are no long term plans to use it moving forward. At the moment, it looks like this is just a case of let’s see how it goes.

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