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Was Steve Williams betrayed by Tiger Woods?

It was a pretty amazing outburst from Steve Williams in the wake of his removal as Tiger Woods’ caddy.

I can kind of understand where Williams is coming from here. When news of the scandal broke, Williams was found guilty by association as a lot of people thought that Williams must have known what Woods was up to and covered for him.
Williams obviously denied that and could also have walked away and distanced himself from Woods to help clear his own name.
Basically, at the time, Williams stood by Woods and must feel he was owed a bit more loyalty back.
At the same time, Williams must be a very wealthy man on the back of all of Woods’ successes. In a way he owes a lot to Tiger, and I’m sure Tiger will be quick to point this out when he is eventually questioned about Williams’ response.
Golfers change caddy all the time, Luke Donald relieved his own brother of his caddying duties not too long back, it’s part of the game of golf.
So why is Williams so bitter?
Could it have been a personality clash in the end? Williams, by his own admission claimed he told Woods he would have to earn his respect again.
I also heard a reporter at one of the majors last year who was following Woods’ round, claim the two men hadn’t spoken too each other in a conversational way (apart from about club selection) the whole way round the course, that there appeared to be tension between the two.
At the time I thought it was just a media man trying to make something out of nothing, maybe there was something in it after all.
Williams’ bitterness suggests that it could be more than just a natural parting of the ways for golfing reasons. It says to me that this is a bit personal.
I doubt this is the last we will hear of this story as I’m fairly sure Tiger will hit back in time.
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