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Two wins in a row for Aussies

Congratulations to Australia and Shane Watson on their victory in the 1st ODI, from the bits I seen, it looked an exciting – if not top quality – match.

Australia chased down an imposing target for their win, they’ve shown plenty of character now to come back with two wins from their last two games and throughout the 3 limited over matches to date, they have had the outstanding player in Shane Watson.

But I couldn’t help think that again, like in the second T20 match, England were the architects of their own downfall. Too many wickets just needlessly thrown away, it loathes me to criticise England after the tour they have had so far, but I feel they are starting to let Australia off the hook.

Strauss, Bell and Morgan all got out trying to get on with things, but they were all pretty bad wickets to give away, even by ODI standard. As for Yardy, braindead suggests he has a brain. He couldn’t get the ball off the square for a single to get Pietersen on strike, so decided to get out slogging instead. An absolute joke.

Steven Davies failed to convert again, but I think his role is to get the team off to a good start, which he did. The match situation led to Bresnan and Swann getting out slogging at the end, even so, Swann’s effort wasn’t too clever either.

Have I become spoilt by England lately and expect too much? Maybe I have. But I was quite disappointed with what I seen, I believe England are capable of a lot better.

I suppose the same can be said for Australia as well, Haddin was appauling behind the stumps and the fielding was fairly patchy, at times going from one extreme to the other.

I was watching the game wondering when Australia are going to wake up to reality, take the plunge and ditch Mitch. He was awful yet again, all over the place, his final figures of 2/54 from 7.4 overs is actually quite flattering.

His figures show 5 wides, but in reality the umpires let him away with a couple and Kevin Pietersen let him off the hook by chasing and hitting at least another 5 he bowled.

Then he goes and sums up the enigma he is by turning the game on it’s head with his run out of Pietersen, it’s remarkable that his most meaningful contribution to the match was with his foot.

The Aussie selectors deserve stick for some of their decisions, but having to decide how best to handle Johnson must be one even Albert Einstein would struggle to come up with a solution too.

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?