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The Strongbow Cricket Challenge

There is no pint better than a well-deserved pint and this year Strongbow are challenging you to make it deserved by earning it. Strongbow are offering the chance for everyday blokes to turn themselves into the champions within the local pub. There could well be tears, sweat and blood spilled over the challenges but the reward is a well-deserved pint of refreshing Strongbow.

Test your skills in a variety of challenges including football, cricket or a tough mudder, for the intellectuals there is a pub quiz and for the jokers’ a comedy challenge. With a challenge for almost anything, get your thinking caps on and work out where your strengths lie, as you will need to earn it.

The Strongbow cricket challenge wants you to step out of your comfy chair and rise to the challenge of earning your drink. All you have to do is register on the Strongbow site to take part this June. Become the king of your local and earn your pint. If you are one of the ten lucky finalists not only will you be the top dog among your peers but you will be invited to take part on the EARN IT training day. Make sure you register for the Strongbow cricket challenge at

Cricket legend Jimmy Anderson is known for his fast bowling as a 300 wicket taker, and you could be facing him, in the challenges of all challenges. Do not fear, you will receive expert coaching to help you become the top dog not just in the local but on the pitch.

As the great cricket tournament the Ashes begins this summer many of you will be wondering if you could do a better job than many of the players. Strongbow are giving you the chance to step up to the plate and earn it. Your manliness could well be tested, but why not find out if you will reign the champion among the boys.

So call your friends, head down to your local pub and plan how you will rise to the challenge. Maybe you will take on the neighbouring pub, your father in law, best friend of maybe your girlfriend fancies herself as one of the boys. Whatever your reasons are for earning it get practising, as the time is ticking and it is not long until you will have to put your skills to the test.

During all the pain just remember, there is no pint better than a well-deserved pint so become the best and earn it! Never again will you have to say the phrase “I could  have done a better job of that”.

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?