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Sreesanth’s finest moment

The sight of the returning Sreesanth in the Indian side for the 2nd Test of their series against Sri Lanka was pleasing for comedy reasons. Cricket doesn’t seem to have too many characters or nutters left these days, so seeing the ticking timebomb that is Sreesanth is a welcome return as we are now waiting to see what he does next.

I also thought it was a perfect opportunity to watch that classic bit of footage from Sree’s finest moment, you might be forgiven for thinking it is Harbhajan slapping him round the face a couple of years ago, and the annoying Sreesanth then crying. Nor is it his 5 wicket haul in the 2nd test against Sri Lanka that turned the series India’s way and made them the number 1 test team in the world.

It is that classic moment when after koping plenty of flack and bouncers from that other cricketing nutter Andre Nel, Sreesanth smacked him back over his head for a massive six and then ran down the pitch celebrating in front of the embarrassed looking Nel.

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?