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South Africa Win World Cup

Jubilent scenes at Nagpur today as South Africa won the world cup by beating India. The South Africans players rightly invaded the pitch celebrating winning the competition, you could clearly see the release of the years of frustration.

Graeme Smith looked especially pleased, he was running around like a schoolboy at the end, he was clearly delighted to have finally hit the ‘chokers’ tag for 6 (what a cricketing pun that is).

They really do need to shorten this tournament though, some of those Indian fielders looked dead on their feet out their today, particularly on the run out chance in Zaheer’s last over.

How can Robin Peterson run 15 yards in less time than it takes someone to field and throw a ball about 10?

South Africa looked like they had blown it when Zaheer bowled an excellent 49th over. It looked like two different games were taking place.

For some reason or another, the SA batsmen decided to play Zaheer’s final over with their bat handles, rather than the blade, resulting in the scoring of just 4 lucky runs.

Normal service was resumed as Robin Peterson turned his bat around and held the handle and started using the blade in the 50th over. The results were immediate as Ashish Nehra’s first 4 balls disappeared for 16 runs.

So from all of us here at cricket betting blog (erm, just me), congratulations to South Africa on winning your first world cup. You deserved your victory today.

Now that the world cup marathon is finally over I can cancel my Sky subscription as I’m skint and look forward to Coventry City getting relegated from the Championship and to the start of the County Championship.

Come on you bears.

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?


  1. Anonymous


    Ha ha! They really did enjoy that win, didn’t they!

    But you know… this was a massive win psychologically. Can you imagine if they’d lost narrowly yet again? Would have killed their confidence for the crunch games.

    In fact, I’m wondering if this could be the turning point for them at WCs. Let’s wait and see…

    As for India, I’m stunned and massively annoyed that we contrived to post less than 300 after being 267/1!!! Sehwag and Sachin’s start deserved to be on the winning side. But then, that’s sport. The only saving grace might be that in future matches, we might use our grey matter just a tad during the batting power play! (I hope!)


  2. I read somewhere that SA are the only team to take all 10 opposition wickets in each of their games. Their best bowler Tahir wasn’t even playing today too.

    They were my favourites before the tournament and I think it’ll take and off day from them for someone to beat them.

  3. BP, I think it was for the psychological reasons that Smith was so delighted with the win. He may well see it as a turning point in his teams development.

    With regard to India, I was round my parents house and seen India at around 200/1, my old man was laughing saying that SA would be chasing around 400.

    When I got home an hour or two later, I put the tele on and SA were about 50/1 and I was amazed to see the stats showing they needed about 240 to win. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

    How well is Zaheer bowling as too. He was again badly let down by the other seamers and certain fielders.

    Sachin just never ceases to amaze.

    Stani, you called it earlier. I think that there is no outstanding team in this years tournament either and that can only help SA’s chances.

    If those stats are right, then there isn’t too much wrong with their bowling. I believe they can set totals too, their one weakness is chasing, today they proved they can see the job through.

  4. With each game, South Africa are proving that they are the team to beat (not withstanding the loss to England!)…….I don’t think this game will have been a turning point for them, though they will take tremendous confidence from this…The fact is, South Africa are not choking as much as they used to, nowadays…that privilege goes to teams like India and England! They have everything going for them this World Cup, and it will be interesting to see if Australia can give them a good fight in the knockout stages…
    Still, this being South Africa and a World Cup, I am prepared for anything 🙂

  5. Anonymous


    Yeah, Dean… Zak and Sachin are India’s champions at the moment. Too bad the rest of the things haven’t fallen into place yet.

    But SA… I have to say they look the best ODI side in the world to me (although they too are not without a weakness or two). It would be justice if they go on to lift this WC. But then again, as tracer said, this is a WC… and there’s plenty more drama to come, I’m sure!


  6. Er, sorry, Dean, but I’ve got some bad news for you…

  7. It was an absolute cracker as expected. It exploits the vulnerabilities and over reliance on India’s top order. The Indians and yet to beat a top class outfit. Teams will really begin to fancy chasing down high totals against them.

    South Africa and England have been inspirational in doing so.

    SA did extremely well yesterday and are on track to successfully top their group with fixtures against the minnows to play in due course. I have predicted they will reach the final and are one of the favourites. India was another team I tipped but they have failed to cope with the added pressure and expectation as of yet.

    Spare a though for the legendary Sachin Tendulkar. You got to feel for him from time to time.

  8. I should take up betting Dean 🙂

    (I’m just kidding God)

  9. Stani, you’d probably do better than me, at the moment I couldn’t even back a choker (quite topical) to lose.

    Hi Maaz, thanks for your comment. I agree that teams will not fear chasing down Indian totals anymore. It was clear to anyone watching on Saturday that the opposition just has to see off Zaheer and wait for the easy pickings.

    SA are probably looking the strongest all round outfit. I wouldn’t trust them at the same time, but with no real outstanding teams in this competition, this must be their best chance ever.