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Richard Keys and Andy Gray

I have published my views on the pair of Sky Sports idiots on my football blog.

It’s fair to say that I’m no fan of Gray and believe Sky should have replaced him years ago. Judging by the fact that someone deliberately released the audio of their remarks would suggest that they have upset someone, somewhere, who wants to get one over on the pair of arseholes.

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?


  1. Anonymous

    best commentator and u know it sad loss

  2. I listened to the Richard Keys interview on Talksport and have to admit I wasn’t surprised to hear he resigned shortly afterwards.

    It was telling that Sky agreed to let him do the interview, yet they wouldn’t let him say on the Sunday after the Sian Massey remarks that he had apologised to her and that she accepted his apology.

    It was almost as if Sky expected him to hang himself and that was why they agreed to let him do the interview.

    If you have no backing from your boss and someone is plotting against you by releasing/leaking evidence, you have no chance really.

    I do believe that the two men had become complacent in their jobs, I also believe that there is a shelf life for TV presenters and that the two of them should have been moved on a long time before.

    I certainly won’t shed any tears for Andy Gray. I believe he patronised the public with lines like ‘referee’s don’t understand the game as they have never played it.’

    Neither have over 90% of us armchair supporters paying your £1.7M a year wages Gray.

    Gray’s appauling analysis would have viewers believe that referees just turn up to wreck the game. He should remember he wouldn’t have had a career without them.

    As for Richard Keys, I feel a bit sorry for him. I got the impression this job is his life. I was very surprised to hear him say that he dosen’t have an agent. He didn’t play the celebrity game, he was purely a presenter of football.