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Ravi Bopara V Eoin Morgan

It’s no major surprise to see both Ravi Bopara and Eoin Morgan named in the Lions squad for next weeks game against Sri Lanka. If the press are to be believed it is a straight shoot out between the two for the 6th batting slot in England’s test side.

The more I think about this though, the more convinced I am that Ravi Bopara is already in the side.

I knew Ravi had done a lot of bowling this season for Essex, but having checked the stats today I was surprised to see just how much he has bowled.

So far this season (including the current match, his 6th) he has already bowled 132 overs, compared to last season when he bowled just 25 overs in 8 first class matches.

Is this more than just a coincidence?

England are going to play 6 batsmen, so they will want a batsman who can bowl 8-10 overs a day if needed. Ravi looks to be fitting that bill.

Add to that the fact that he turned down the IPL, which at the time I suspected was because he had been given a friendly tip off from someone with a foot in the Essex and England camp and it is all starting to add up.

If it is a straight shoot out between the two batsmen then I’d go for Morgan. But I don’t believe it is, as England will want a batsman who can bowl the overs. If this is the case, then I would have to reluctantly agree with Ravi’s selection.

Surely the selectors will have learnt from 2009 and this time he will bat down the order at 6, rather than 3, which was way too high for him.

I also believe that if the selectors pick him, they should stick with him. Players who think they are on trial will probably fail more often than not.

Ravi doesn’t strike me as the toughest mentally, so he would probably benefit from the reassurance of knowing he will get a good run in the team. The fact that he would be in the side to bowl as well might help by taking some of the pressure off him with his batting.

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?


  1. Dean,
    I agree with your point in regards to where Ravi is mentally with his place in the England set up. Having spoken to him, I would say that it is not something of his own making. Whereas certain players have been persisted with in the past, Ravi has been dropped at the first chance….any excuse. I think this has led him to see his dropping as almost an inevitability and thus the lack of assuredness in his mental strength.

    ‘Gus Fraser was on Sky talking about the choice of Morgan or Bopara. He also opted for Bopara primarily because he can bowl and also because of the red ball cricket he has under his belt this season already compared to Morgan who has been out in the IPL. Shrewd from Ravi indeed, but it show where his priorities lie.

    I agree, he will definitely benefit from being given a good run.

  2. Even though Morgan got a century today, I still feel Ravi is a certainty. I think the decision has long been made.

    I believe that the amount of overs he has bowled so far this season is significant, he must of had a tip off from someone, somewhere that Colly’s replacement needs to be able to bowl 8-10 overs a day (former England captain and opening batsman by any chance?).