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Only in Test Cricket

I watched a great passage of play tonight in the 2nd test between New Zealand and Pakistan.

It was great entertainment when New Zealand’s 9th wicket fell and the worst batsman in the world came out to face down the last 3 balls of Umar Gul’s over with his skipper 96 not out at the other end.

Although Vettori’s heart must have sunk on the fall of Brent Arnel’s wicket, he could see the funny side of it when Martin was facing, as could Martin himself and the bowler, Umar Gul.

Only in test cricket could you be on the verge of a century and having to rely on Chris Martin to help get you there, all-in-all surviving 4 balls for Vettori to get home.

Fair play to Vettori though, he got there in the end. I knew he had scored test centuries before, but I was surprised to hear that it was his 6th. Batting in the tail, that is a remarkable record. I’m not being flippant when I say he is the best No.8 in world cricket. It just goes to show how vital he is to the New Zealand team.

On a more disappointing note, Daryl Harper again! How on earth did he miss Chris Martin clearly gloving Umar Gul to wicketkeeper Adnan Akmal, depriving Gul of his 5th wicket and Adnan his 7th catch, which would have been a world record.

No wonder Gul shouted what he did, not for the first time an absolute joke of a decision by Daryl. I wrote at the start of the Ashes that the best thing about playing Australia is that you can’t get lumbered with Daryl Harper and this just reminded me why.

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?


  1. Sure he can bat, but thats the modern way. Bowlers are expected to deliver runs too. A century for a number 8 is exceptional, but these days an extra 100 added to the total when the real tail get in is very normal.

  2. can any one tell me that PCB has include the Umer Gul for the World cup 2011 . Because he is greatest attacker in opening spell

    Umar Gul